Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bring on the fall weather

Okay am I the only one who craves the cooler weather like a dog craves a bone?  I have never been a fan of summer months.  Maybe that's because I live somewhere where summer means 100+ degree temps all summer long. Ugh.  I love the months of October and November.  I love December, January, February, March, April, and sometimes even May.  I can't wait till our air conditioning can be shut off and take a long deserved break. Till our windows can be opened up all the way and a cool breeze flows through our house all day long, not just in the wee hours of the early morning.  I'm looking forward to baking and not having to do it in the middle of the night because if I turn our oven on during the day our kitchen feels like a sweatshop.  Cooler weather means cute sweaters and jeans, warm drinks and sweet smelling baked goods.  It means we can spend plenty of time outside in our yard without beads of sweat dripping down our foreheads.  And cooler weather means little babies and toddlers get to be bundled up in warm hugable blankets and clothes. And did I mention SOUP?!! There's nothing that screams fall and winter like a delicious hot soup/chili. 

Wish we had trees so we could make a pile of them and Levi could jump into them until his little heart burst with happiness.

I want to put Levi in this shirt and tie.  It's from Old Navy. 
 And Rian needs this cute sweater and set of tights.  There is nothing likelittle chubby baby legs in warm tights.  Also from Old Navy.

These Maple Cookies look delicious! Can't wait to try them.  I forgot to mention I have an insane love for Maple.

This is a great idea for decorating Pumpkins, Chalkboard Paint!
I think my man would look darn good in this sweater from Banana Republic

And I think with my new found love of COLOR I would like to try this outfit.  As a pretty curvy (that's the nice word for plus size) woman I tend to stray from clothing that has too much color.  You know don't want to draw too much attention my way, but I think I that sweater is calling my name.

What are some of your plans, ideas, or likes for the fall?


Ashley said...

Thanks for the shout out :) You have a lovely blog! Lots of tasty recipes...and adorable baby photos :)