Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've been seeing a lot of these signs/posters lately

(The last one is one I created on a website that allows you to make your own button/signs for your own blog.)
I wanted to do something like the last one in Levi's room since we're going with a music theme.  But I knew there was no way I could make a stencil out of the top image.  Too intricate for me and my contact paper =).

So we found a guitar image on google and printed two out of them and then crossed the necks of the guitars so that they were touching.

I took a scrap piece of wood like this

Then I primed it with this
Next I painted the middle of the board white because that's what color I wanted the letters to be.  I used this paint

Then I took the printed off saying and image and traced them onto contact paper and then cut them out and placed them on the wood.
Next I painted over the whole board with this Slate Blue
Afterward I removed the contact paper and ta-da:

Not perfect by any means, but pretty darn awesome just the same.  And it costs me less than a few dollars to make it.

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Krysstyllanthrox said...

Very cute!

I found you through the Power of Paint Party.

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much. I'm so new to this crafting thing, so whenever something I do turns out relatively decent I get so excited.

Michelle@Sustainably Chic Designs said...

LOVE this! I too have a music theme in my little guys room! I must make him one of these! Thanks for the inspiration!
I am your newest follower!


Jennifer said...

Thanks Michelle, I love your sweet comment. The KEEP CALM art is so easy, definitely a must for a music themed room, and the best part is you can do any colors you want. I think my husband took the printed out words to Fed Ex-Kinkos place to get blown up and it only cost him .19 cents. And the rest of the stuff we already had here at home. Can't wait to check out your blog and get some more ideas for our home.

Laurie said...

Oh, this is awesome!!! And much more my personality, too. In fact, I just made a heavy metal pumpkin! Here's the link in case you wanna see it: http://sceneofthegrime.blogspot.com/2010/09/faux-leather-studded-pumpkin.html
Thanks for sharing!

brookie said...

Love this! Visiting from Sunday showcase

Jennifer said...

Laurie- thanks, love your pumkin! The best part about the keep calm art is you can make it say whatever you want, customize it to fit your personality.

Brookie- thanks so much, I love the Sunday Showcase and getting to see everyone's amazing projects.

Shelly said...

I love this! Very cool for a little boy's room!

Samantha said...

Love this! I went to that site and created a button. But I am thinking I need something like you made for my craft room. I am wanting to do "Keep Calm and Craft On"- thanks for the great 'how to'!
:) Samantha


Jennifer said...

thanks Shelley and thanks Samantha. It was so easy, definitely thought of making others, maybe as gifts?