Tuesday, September 28, 2010


That's how many times it took to wash out the smell of vomited up yogurt from Levi's clothes and car seat cover and straps. 

Yesterday was supposed to be a good day. That's what I was hoping for when I got up the babes and decided I would not act like a completely crazy b-word to my husband when he came home from work at 8:20 at night. I would take the little ones to run a few errands, get some projects done, cook dinner, and not feel so trapped at our house by staying there all day and evening long. But my day did not go as planned.  Instead I wound up cleaning up throw up off my child and his car seat in a parking lot only a mile away from our home, and then spent several hours at Children's Hospital standing in line in their E.R., waiting in Radiology/Imaging, holding my sons hand while they did more x-rays and a CT Scan, waiting in his Neurosurgeon's office, and then finding out we have to go back again tomorrow for more tests and have a chance at being admitted on the off chance that he needs another shunt revision. It's only been 2 weeks since his last one. 

I'm really stressed about the whole not knowing exactly what's wrong with his shunt, but let's schedule him for another surgery just in case we find something while doing his shuntogram today.  Surgery means staying in the hospital again and my baby being sliced into, no one wants more of that... Unless it means it will be the last time we have to do it again.

Levi is of course a rock star and playing and pretty much acting as normal as can be, so it kind of makes it so much harder, seeing a seemingly well kid have to go through surgeries and all these tests. I mean look at this amazing boy.  He's rocking the sock I accidentally dyed purple when doing the stuff for Rian's room.

And no other boy can wear their baby sister's hospital hat so well.

He is so smart, he knows that you need keys to start cars in order to go places, so of course you would need keys to start tricycles too, right?

And check out his blinging purple mardi gras type beaded necklace.
 That smile totally makes up for the vomit.  It does I swear.

Yeah we know you're incredibly handsome, don't worry.

He loves his sister, even though he only shows it once in a while. She on the other hand is a little more skeptical about that.

He's already for his rock star status to be more than just a title we give him.  He's taking his talents to the stage soon.  Just got to get a little more practicing done.

I really hope today goes well.  We just want him to be okay, even if that means another surgery.


plantmyappletree said...

He is so cute and sorry for you having such a tough time with so many worries for the little one!

Jennifer said...

thanks, yes he often provides the bright spots in my day, as well as his sister. We're definitely hoping he'll be better soon.