Sunday, October 31, 2010

Craigslist Brass Lamps

I wanted new lamps for our room. I was no longer happy with having mismatched lamps, and since we were updating our bedroom I thought it was about time we updated our lamps too.  I went around looking for lamps at Marshall's, Target, Home Goods, Walmart...I was so disillusioned.  I thought I would be able to find lamps I liked for a reasonable price.  Didn't happen.  When did lamps get so expensive?  Have they always been that way?  Seriously, one lamp was $49.99.  I definitely did not have the budget for that.  So again I stalked Craigslist like a jilted girlfriend stalks her ex.  I checked every listing under household, antiques, and general, and furniture. Finally the craigslist gods smiled upon me.  I found these lamps listed for $20, for both of them.
The ad said they were solid brass, and antique.  I called asap and went over to pick them up the same evening when Justin came home.  (And how great is my husband that he didn't even bat an eye when he came home and I told him I had to head out immediately to go get my lamps.)  I paid the nice lady $20 thinking about how I just scored an awesome deal, drove home and got to work on them right away.

I taped off the cord and the tops with painter's tape, then primed the lamps with my favorite Rust-oleum Gray Primer (I am in love with this stuff), waited an hour for them to dry and then put on the first coat of Brushed Nickel spray paint from Valspar (It was the only silver paint I had on hand, and I only paid .99 cents for it when I bought it a few months ago.) The next day I did my second coat and waited for them to dry. 

Saturday, Justin and I went out to get lamp shades (another expensive item I was not willing to pay for).  We ended up finding some really cheap lamp shades at Target on CLEARANCE for $4.98

They weren't the color I wanted, they were a yellow creamy color and I wanted white, but for $4.98 I couldn't pass them up.  And notice how I said WERE?  That's because I went to a local fabric store, Hancock's and bought some 1 1/2 yards of white canvas  and covered the lamp shades.  I cut out the fabric, wrapped it around the lamp, and got it to stay in place with hot glue.  Isn't hot glue magical?  I think so.  Once the fabric was on, hem line tape was added around the bottom of the shade (also with hot glue) to give it a more finished look.

I think they are way better than a lot of the lamps I saw at the stores, and they were less than half the cost.  Spray paint works wonders.  They went from being dated, to modern within minutes.

Two Lamps= $20
Two Lamp Shades= $10.00
Fabric= $11.00
Hem tape= $2.00
Total cost.......................$43 for both Lamps!!!