Monday, October 25, 2010

DIY Upholstered Headboard and DIY Stenciled Wall

My weekend was jam packed with do-it-yourself projects.  I think my husband and I crammed more projects into these past few days than we have in the past few months.  On Friday night we literally worked through the night and finally went to sleep at 7:30 Saturday morning.  Which sucked a whole lot due to the fact that our 3 month old daughter woke up at 9:30 and I had to feed her.  After feeding her I decided to get back to work and make the most of the hours we had left before my parents dropped our son off from spending the night with them.

On Friday I was skimming through blogs I follow and All Things Thrifty had posted about a great bedroom makeover done by Nikki at Nature's Heirloom. After going there and seeing the amazing room transformation I was really inspired and determined to get our bedroom done.  Nikki had made her own stencil and painted it on the wall behind her bed, it looked so great. And then I read through other posts on her blog and saw where she and her husband made their own upholstered headboard.  I decided right then to run out and get supplies.  Little did I know that it would turn into a DIY marathon weekend.

First thing I decided on doing was going to our local Restore to find a door to use for the headboard. Yes a door. It's such a great idea, can't believe how perfect it was.  And our Restore had so many doors, all labeled with measurements and what type of door they were.  I ended up choosing a flat hollow sliding closet door that measured 36" wide and 77' long. And the best part was it only cost me $10.  After buying the door I headed to a Fed Ex-Kinko's Copying store to blow up a googled image for my stencil and bought some clear folders there also.

I got home and started tracing my image onto the clear folders I had bought and cut.  To cut the stencil I used a a heated multipurpose type of tool my mom had in her arts and craft supply that she's never once used.  But you can get a stencil cutting tool at Michael's or Joann's.  I'm not going to lie, this was a pretty long and tedious process, even with the heated tool.  Once I cut my stencil out I used stencil adhesive I purchased at Michael's and tape to secure it to the wall.  I chose a dark espresso brown paint that we already had at our house for the stencil and only poured a little into a clear plastic cup to make it easier on me while painting.

As you can see there is my stencil up on our bare walls, hanging above our messy bed.  I painted all of the stencils standing or kneeling on our bed, again not the easiest thing to do.

So I started the stenciling late Friday night and finally finished Saturday evening.  I stenciled a few stencils at a time and while waiting for them to dry I worked on other projects for our room. 

One of those projects was our upholstered headboard.  I showed Justin Nikki's headboard on her blog and told him what I had planned for the door.  I had already bought fabric, foam, and batting earlier this year when I had decided I was going to make an upholstered headboard.  I just hadn't bought anything to staple all my stuff onto.  I had been planning on buying a piece of plywood, but didn't want to bother with having to cut it.  And I wanted something that made the headboard look thicker, more plush or padded.  I definitely wasn't going to buy thicker foam in order to achieve the look I wanted.  Have you all checked out the price of foam??  It's insane how expensive it is. 

Justin was completely on board with the project and really took control over it.  He stapled the foam onto the door, and then the batting.  He brought the door inside and I helped him staple the fabric on.  Back when I bought all my fabric I had decided I wanted a tufted headboard and had already made buttons to go on it.  Justin and I measured out where we wanted the buttons to go and marked it on the back of the door with a sharpie.  I held the door steady while Justin drilled holes into the door in the places we marked.  We added the buttons and secured them by slipping the ends of the thread through the holes in a button and then tied them into a knot.  When it was done Justin secured the headboard to the wall using two OOK OOK Hangman 200lbs French Cleat with Wall Dogs. He bought them at Home Depot

I love how it turned out.  Seriously in love!  And it was much cheaper to make than actually buying one.  Now all I need is some new bedding...hint hint babe.

If you all don't go out and make your own upholstered headboard after reading about mine and Nikki's and seeing how easy it can be then I'll be utterly impressed with your self restraint.  And if you have any questions let me know.



Nikki said...

It turned out AWESOME!! I LOVE the stencil you chose!! I may have to put this on my blog, would that be okay with you? Thanks for sharing!!

Jennifer said...

Nikki- thanks so much, I seriously got the inspiration from you. I love your room. And it would totallly be okay for this to go on your blog. Thanks so much for giving me such great ideas.

EmTea Designs said...

LOVE IT! Soooooo beautiful! You must love going to bed every night :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Em, it is SUCH an improvement, and it was so easy. Now I need to update everything else! haha

Carrie said...

Jennifer, it looks amazing! I saw that link last week too and thought it was such an incredible idea! My husband and I just redid our bedroom not one year ago, so I can't do this yet. But I'd love to try it in a guest bedroom (once we move into a HOUSE!). Thanks for sharing!

Mandi said...

Wow I love how this turned out! Great job lady!

Love your guts

Jennifer said...

Carrie- thanks so much, I was so glad I got my husband on board to help and to let me try different things in our home right now. Guess he's tired of staring at blank walls too.

Mandi- thanks, ha. I figure it's only paint, if I don't like it I can start all over, right? Kind of how I feel about getting hair cuts, at least it grows back. Glad you like it.

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

I love the buttoned headboard...wish we had a restore near here...I may give this a try someday. Trish

Brenda said...

That is a cute idea!!!!! Love it...

Jennifer Curtis said...

Thank you Brenda!