Saturday, October 2, 2010

Levi's Music themed room...continued

So I have couple more projects done for Levi's room.  And I think I am making good progress. I have lots more ideas, but only a little bit of time to actually work on them.  Here's what I've done this weekend.
I took a bunch of old records that were pretty worthless, think Avon Christmas 1970, and I primed their glossy surface then painted them using white, brown, and blue. 

I then hot glued them together and painted an acoustic guitar shape on them in brown and white craft paint. Again, not perfect, but pretty good for handmade art.

Next up this letter wall art piece thingy...don't you like the names I come up with for my finished projects?

Okay, so I had these old letters that were painted brown, originally hung up in his room with cute green ribbon that spelled out his name.  I had ripped the baby-ish ribbons off the back knowing I wasn't going to put them up in his new room looking like that.  This was his big boy room, so no RIBBONS! I kept the letters for a while before thinking up what I wanted to do with them. 

Today I spray painted the L letter blue (same color I used for the records) and got out a couple of frames and spray painted them as well (the smaller one is from the dollar tree and the larger one was given to me a few years ago but I never used it for anything).  After painting everything I took the backing from the larger frame and covered it in the brown burlap we had left over from the bookshelf.  I hot glued the L to the burlap, and then the white frame to the burlap.  I put them back into the larger frame and then hung the piece on his wall.
Closer look:
The L is a little crooked but eh, it is what it is, a free piece of art using a bunch of left over supplies.

Uggh, on a side note, our air is broke and so is our is 90.5 degrees in our house and has been almost all day. Need proof?
It's so hot our boy stripped down and went half clothed today.
See, even wearing both shoes was too much for him.

Okay, well I hope you like some of the ideas and projects I shared.  I love reading all your blogs and finding many more ideas/projects to try out.

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Cute projects. Great idea with the old record albums.

theLENNOXX said...

Talk about creative! I never thought about painting records before (even though I usually paint anything). I LOVE the L you frames, and even more so, I love that you used two frames like that! I think I have to copy your idea haha!!

xo Linda

Kendall said...

WOW! This is so cool! I love the wall art you made-Great job. :)


Jennifer said...

Thanks Kim, I'm hoping to get some good sized frames and put some of the cool covers out on display too.

Jennifer said...

Linda thanks so much. I hope you do copy the letter art, let me know if you do, I'd love to see pictures. Your blog is pretty great, definitely going to get some great ideas from you and use them.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Kendall, love your name by the way. I'm headed over to your blog to check it out now. =)