Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another CL Mirror and The Endless Circle of Updating

I'm sure most people have this same experience, you update or change something old into looking new and you love the way it looks, but then you start to notice how bad everything else looks in comparison. Well unfortunately for me that is my problem right now.  Last night I finally got my husband to help me with installing hardware to hang another Craigslist mirror I found and once it was up and in place I found the rest of the furnishings/decor around it to be somewhat depressing.  I don't want to sound selfish or ungrateful because really I am very blessed with the belongings we have.  Most of them we did not have to buy, they were handed down to me by my parents, and they are good solid pieces...just really dated and really OAK.

So here's the mirror I had found on Craigslist in an ad for a second hand consignment type of store

This is it after I brought it home
I really loved this mirror.  It is heavy as heck though and it took me a while to decide where I wanted to put it and what color I was going to paint it.  Finally I decided on putting it in my small dining room/nook area and painted it Oil Rubbed Bronze from Rust-oleum.  It was my first time using the ORB and it was awesome.  I love the color.  It looks dark, almost black yet has some kind of metallic glitter to it. 

And this is the mirror after I painted it, and hung it up

Do you see what I mean about the OAK?!!! Now I have to get my butt in gear and do something about those tables!
After we hung the mirror I had rearranged the tables in there and quickly gave my hurrican a little update as well.
Plain and boring
 Cute and fun
Okay one last shot of the beautiful mirror and it's ugly step sisters-the tables.


Liz said...

I think the table under the mirror is beautiful! For the round table, could you get a pretty cloth to cover it.

EmTea Designs said...

Love the Mirror! Can't wait to see what you do!

Jennifer said...

Thank you both. I'm hoping to score a nice, but inexpensive (hehe) buffet on Craigslist to go onder the mirror. Keeping my eyes open for anything decent. And I hope I can strip our table and paint/stain it soon. So many projects I want to get done.