Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Countdown

I love traditional Christmas colors, red and green, silver and gold...but there is something about the combination of red and turquoise for holiday decorations that just makes me happy. 

Some of the blogs I follow recently featured Makia Creations, and had giveaways for some of their holiday craft kits. My favorite one was this one
A Christmas Countdown.  Isn't it a cute way to count down the days till Christmas and have your kids help you?  I thought so.  And even though I loved the idea and wanted one of my very own, I couldn't see myself paying $27.50 for the kit, or even their preferred price of $19.53.  So I decided to make my own version.

Remember the 4x4 cedar post I used to make this wreath stand?

Well I had a little over 4ft. of the other half of the post left over.  So I decided to use the left over pieces to make the Christmas countdown blocks.

I measured and marked the 4x4 into every 3.5 inches, except one of them I made 7 inches.  And while I was wrangling the two babes I had Justin cut the 4x4 into pieces.
 There's my handsome husband working hard.  (okay, not really.  cutting the pieces was pretty easy using my dad's "borrowed" saw.)
Once the blocks were cut into pieces Justin helped me by sanding the edges really lightly just to remove any sharp or pointy splinters.  Then I brought the blocks inside and cut out multiple squares and rectangular shapes of paper to cover all of the sides of the blocks.
After cutting out the paper, I used Microsoft Word to print off numbers and the phrase Christmas Countdown. I selected my font and size, then used Word's high lighter feature to highlight the area surrounding the words in a light gray and changed my font to white. I printed them off onto card stock.

 I used an exacto knife/craft knife to cut them out.
 Then I mod podged them onto the blocks.
I chose a turquoise ribbon to tie in a bow around the 3 blocks.

I love how the sides of the blocks are different yet the papers coordinate and look great with the matching ribbon.  I think this would make a great Christmas gift or home holiday decor since you can choose any colors you want to match your decor or someone else's if you're giving them away as a gift.



Nicole Love said...

These are so cute! I need to have my husband make me some blocks! I love it!

nancycreative said...

What a great idea, and they're really cute, too!

Alayna Howard said...

How did you number these so that it would make the right number at all times?

Jennifer said...

I numbered one block with the numbers 1-6, and the other block I numbered 0,1,2,7,8,9. Hope that helps.

Alayna Howard said...

Awesome... Thank you so much! I love this idea! I am going to make one tomorrow!! :)

Jen said...

Thes are Gorgeous! I'm featuring them on my blog today! Hope you don't mind!