Monday, December 6, 2010

Family Fun and Our Saraparelle Bag

A few weeks ago I was browsing through Foodgawker, one of my favorite go to sites for almost any recipe, when I came across Manifest Vegan's recipe for vegan and gluten free Pierogis.  And even though I'm not vegan (have honestly thought about whether I could make the change), I do like a lot of interesting recipes, and those sounded and looked good.

Bonus: Author of the blog Manifest Vegan, Allyson, was having a giveaway that same post so I gave it a shot and entered.  About a week later she emailed me to tell me I won. Yay!

What did I win you ask?  Okay, you probably didn't ask that...but I'm gonna show you anyway.

This awesome messenger bag from ETSY shop, Saraparelle.

What guy wouldn't prefer this bag over having to carry our daughter's pink diaper bag?  Yeah, my husband was pretty excited when I told him he could use the bag for our littles' necessities when he goes out instead of carrying around the girly one we have now.

The bag came on Saturday, all the way from Brooklyn, New York.  I almost busted into Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' song "Empire State of Mind" when I opened the package.  I was that excited.

When we headed out for the day we took the bag out with us, for you know, a trial run.

Riding in the car with my lil' family headed to Costco. (LOVE the store even though you can't get out of there without spending over a $100 dollars most trips.)

Our bag riding on my lap.

Levi looking kind of dopey...?

And now looking mad, but again, that's his smile.

Justin obliging me a smile for my crazy blogging antics.
Top of Rian's head, she was sleeping.
I took the opportunity to snap these when Justin went in to the bank.  The inside of THE BAG.

Justin asked me what the heck I was doing when he came back, and this his response...MMMhmmm.

Anyway, the bag is awesome. I love its chocolate brown color so much, and all the pockets make it perfect for carrying all of our baby items.  And the rugged Rhino makes my man feel like kicking butt and taking names later.  So if you're looking for a cool bag for your hubby, or son, or cool teen in your life think about heading over to Saraparelle.


Anonymous said...

Too funny, love reading your posts :)