Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sorry for the delay---WINNER!!

Okay so I would have posted the winner right at 12 AM, but there was a little accident. 

Rian, decided she wanted to puke all over my face and hair.  IT WAS NASTY.  I felt like I had throw up in my brain because it went into my ear...and yes I know that is completely irrational, but ugh, you just don't know how yucky it is until a baby throws up in your ear.  And I am used to throw up, what with Levi's condition and all...(in fact, it was the second time this week that one of my kids threw up on me. Thursday Levi had his turn.)

So I had to re-shower and redo my hair.  One thing I hate is going to bed with wet hair in the winter.  It makes me feel so much colder than I already do.  And now I am sitting here feeding the beautiful baby who caused such chaos.

Okay enough chatter. Let me go pick the winner, be right back....
And the winner of the $20 HOME DEPOT gift card is...

 The Winner is AMY!
Simply Amy said...
I just blogged about it!

Congratulations Amy! I'm so excited for you. Hope you can put it to good use.  I'll also be emailing you to let you know that you've won.  You have 48 hrs to contact me back or I'll choose a new winner. 

Thanks everyone for stopping by and following along. I'm excited because this giveaway was so much fun I am already planning another one. 


Jodi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments about my pillows. You have a great blog!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!


Simply Amy said...

I am so excited that I won!!! Look forward to hear from you!!!

Thank you so much! God Bless!!!

(can you tell i am exicted!)

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you won too Amy, I'll be stopping by your blog to give you my email address so you can send me your contact info. Yay for winning free stuff!