Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Things that make me happy and sad at the same time

The NEWS.  Does that need any further explanation? Probably not.  It seems like for every one good story there are a dozen sad/horrific ones.  The world does indeed need a miracle, a Savior. 

My son turning 2.  Tomorrow in fact. In less than 24 hours my baby will be that much less of a baby.  I am looking forward to what's coming- new abilities he will have, new understandings he will gain, and new words and sentences he will use.  But I am also dreading letting go of him a little bit more each day.  He now knows the difference between mommy and daddy, me being called a woman and Justin being called a man.  He wants to be just like his daddy.  A "big man" is what he says he is when I ask him if he is my sweet boy.  I laugh and say, "okay my big man"... but what I really want to do is tell him "NO, you're mommy's little boy, and you better stay that way forever and ever!  Do you hear me?" 

My wretched hair.  I never had the whole post-partum hair falling out thing with my son.  So now when I see myself covered in fallen strands of hair, or when I am picking it off of the floor, or taking it off my daughter's clothes by the hand fulls I want to take my husband's hair clippers and go all Demi Moore in GI Jane on my head.  Good news, I am getting it cut on Friday.  Hopefully it will curb some of my frustration.

Blogger "friends." I love getting to know all of these new and incredible women. It's exciting to connect with so many people that share the same interests.  And my nosy, people-watching loving self actually gets its crazy desire fed.  Seriously, it is great being able to learn and follow others along in their journey in life.  Just wish I could actually meet you all in person.  I know we could be great, BFF's.  Don't you feel the same way?   Anyone want to move to the Central Valley in California?

My husband's awesome job.  I love that God blessed him with this job.  A job that provides for our family and allows us to continue to survive on one income.  A big thank you to God, especially in this economy right?  But it is a struggle to have him work his current hours.  He is gone almost all day long and into the evening.  He leaves before 10am and is gone until almost 9pm...I know a lot of households have husbands that work a lot, even more than mine, and that I should suck it up, stop complaining and be ridiculously grateful for his position.  BUT, I'm selfish and would love to have him work 9-5 hours.

Co-sleeping.  Yeah we're those parents.  You know, the ones who had their first baby and let him sleep with them in the bed because he would cry if he didn't and by the time they wised up it was too late, their baby was now a toddler and there was no way he was sleeping on his own now.  Are there perks to co-sleeping? Heck yes.  On the plus side, I get to look upon his little peaceful face multiply times in the night and know he is okay; I get extra snuggle time in; he doesn't scream like a banshee when he goes to bed; and every night without fail he says, "mommy hold me."  The down side, EVERY NIGHT he says "mommy hold me" and literally makes me hold him until he falls asleep (his head is sweaty and heavy); I miss sleeping next to my husband; Levi took after his dad and can sweat buckets during the night but still want to be covered up and lying next to someone; I have to wash my sheets more times than I want (this kid's nick name should be super soaker, he wets the bed multiple times through the week); getting smacked in the face by a toddler moving about is quite jarring to one's sleep.

Baby girl.  Rian is growing so fast it's almost too much.  She turns 5 months next week and looks and feels like she'll be turning 9 or 12 months.  I love that she'll be turning into an awesome playmate for Levi soon(maybe then I could have a little bit more of a break from having to entertain him 100% of the time he's awake), but seriously "STOP GROWING SO FAST."  We're going through clothes faster than we can buy them.  And it seems like your never ending growth spurt is continually causing you to wake up more times throughout the night than I would care to get up.  I look like a zombie Rian. A sleep deprived Zombie!

If you made it to the end of this post and still want to be friends, yay.  Happy to have you share my experiences with me.