Monday, December 20, 2010


2 cups sea salt (medium or fine texture)
1 1/2 cups white sugar
1 1/2 cups raw sugar
Vitamin E oil (I used 12 vitamin E capsules, you can poke a hole into them and squeeze the oil out)
Almond Oil (I used about 3/4 of a cup-1 cup, but you can use more or less depending on the consistency you prefer)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix the salt and both sugars together.  Add the Vitamin E oil, vanilla, and Almond oil and mix well.   I chose mine to be like that of wet sand. But you can make it more oily or even less oily by the amount of oil you put into it. 

 Put in any size jar or container you would like. This recipe should fill 4 or 5 half pint jars (8 oz.). 

Tie a ribbon around the top of the jar and add a small spoon to give as a perfect gift. 

Vitamin E oil and Sea Salt are natural preservers so this scrub should be good for 2-3 months or longer with no problem.  Store in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place (out of the sun light).  Do not get water in the container when you're using it (unless you plan to use it all up at once) because introducing water into the product can cause unwanted bacterial growth.

*I also added cute tags to mine that gave the name, ingredients, how to store, and "shelf life."

And the credit for bending the spoons goes to my wonderful husband, without his strength I would be SOL, ;) .


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Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

Thanks for sharing! I love this!!

Christine said...

I totally stumbled this! I am trying this...and soon, thanks Jennifer!

Robin said...

this is a GREAT idea! what a great shower favor! xoxo

Steph said...

Wooo...luxurious! And I bet it smells lovely!

Sandra Lambert said...

I'm so excited to male all the scrubs for gifts ! Thank you.

Sandra Lambert said...

Do you have anymore inexpensive gifts to make, as I've been I'll and out of work since Feb? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.