Monday, January 10, 2011

Sorry to have been MIA

It feels like I need a bad blogger award, er an un-reward, well something that labels me a sucky blogger.  Since announcing the chair project I have been completely absent from my blog, and I feel awful.  Instead of concentrating on just one project this past week I began working on 5 projects!  You see, starting a project is way easier than finishing one.  

I started on the chair last weekend and worked on it quite a bit, but stopped again when I got as far as it needing to be primed. It is awfully cold in my garage and I am worried about painting in there.  I hate that it takes paint so long to dry in the cold and don't want to ruin this chair by painting it and then have problems with it drying right.  Does any one have any tips for spray painting in the cold?

Here it is ripped apart, sanded, cleaned, and I filled in some cracks with paintable caulk.

Then I also decided to paint on the walls in my daughter's room. Have any of you seen Mandy's blog post about her oldest daughter's room over on U Create?  It was love at first sight for me.  And I knew that it was just what I wanted in my daughter's room.  I love trees.  And painting them on the walls seemed like such an awesome idea. So I borrowed an overhead projector from my childhood church (I went there from the age of 5 till about 19), and some transparency paper (thanks again Vicki), printed out my image onto the paper and set up shop in Rian's room.  Working with the overhead projector was easy peasy, and so was drawing the trees.  It's the painting of the trees that's a freaking hard thing to do.  And it's not so much hard as it is time consuming.  I chose white for the trees in my daughter's room, and have had to do about 2-3 coats on the tree trunks and about 2 coats on the branches.  I love how they are coming along, but hate that it is taking the amount of time that it is taking.  And really, it's only taken me about 6-7 hours so far, and that's from start (drawing the trees) to the point I am at now (half way done), but it feels like forever and a day when you're up on a chair. 

And did I mention that when my son saw me drawing trees on my daughter's walls he wanted a tree in his room too?  Yeah, a "booh tee, mommy. ry now. pee-ah!"   So how could I not oblige such a heartfelt plea?  Oh and if you don't speak toddler, that was, "A blue tree mommy, right now, please."  So I skillfully used the projector to draw a tree in his room on Monday too, and on Tuesday we picked out the paint for his room and Rian's from Home Depot.  He wanted blue so I picked out several paint sample colors and then asked him to choose.  And yes, this slightly OCD, control freak of a mom let her 2 year old toddler choose from about 6-7 blues on his own and went with the one he picked out.  Then Tuesday night I did his tree when he was off spending the night with my mom and dad.  (If it weren't for my mom taking him almost one night a week I would never get half of my projects done.) 

Levi's tree is a very dark blue, the color is Wrought Iron from the Martha Stewart's Color Performance line of paints at Home Depot.  I bought one of the small cans of paint samples and just had it tinted to the color he chose.  It's awesome paint, low odor and low VOC, covers well (I did one coat for Levi's tree and it came out really well), and I only used about a 1/4 of the amount in the sample can.  The samples cost $2.94 at my Home Depot, pretty cheap huh?

I used the same paint samples for Rian's room but didn't get them tinted so they are pure white.  I bought 2 sample cans but so far I have only used 1 and will probably end up using only half of the other can to do the rest of the trees in her room.  Again, this paint is awesome, low odor to Martha Stewart is practically no odor. Really important to me when painting in a babies room.
Rian's partially done trees:

There are 4 of them across her wall.  And I have done a bit more since taking the pictures.

And if I weren't doing enough already and as if this post wasn't long enough, I also managed to make a baby mobile for my cousin who is having a lovely little girl in just a few short weeks, do a piece of art for our room, and stalk and buy two dressers off of Craigslist (can't wait to fix them up too!). 
Sneak peak for you all

They might look bad, missing knobs, missing pulls, chipped paint and scratches, but when I get done with them they're going to be beautiful. (oh and these are the Craigslist pics, hence the poor quality)

If you've made it to the end of this post, thanks for reading and sorry for any spelling or other grammatical errors. 


MMB Creations said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. You are OCD/ADD just like me. I need to stop blogging and get to work!

EmTea Designs said...

Cant wait to see how they all turn out! Tree looks great! I'm stuck in a rut atm and gotta get back into blogging big time!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Ladies, I am glad I am not the only one to get overwhelmed or uninspired...:)