Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trying to catch up

So if you read my posts you know we spent last week at the Children's Hospital near us.  I feel like every time we stay there for a few days or the week everything at home goes haywire, gets pushed back, and clutter breeds while we're away.  This week was my week to catch up on some things, to declutter, and to finish up on some projects.  Levi is basically back to normal, he is now in the phase of this-surgical tape-is-annoying-so-I-am-going-to-try-to-scratch-it-away.  Bribing Telling a stubborn 2 year old to leave his "bandaids" alone is hard work.

Okay, so I managed to finish up painting the trees for Rian's room yesterday.  Definitely not a project to start when you have minimal free time to begin with... unless you aren't OCD like me, and every time you walk into your daughter's room and see the unfinished trees on her wall you won't get beads of sweat appearing on your forehead because you are that stressed out about seeing her walls so unfinished.  So yeah, if you're not like me, I say paint away.  If you are like me though, send the kiddos to Grandma's house for a couple of days and work in peace.

 Quick bedding change in the last two, the above bumper used to be just green, then I tried to dye it purple to match her room decor, and only the one side took.  Bleh, it came out looking like someone had skinned Barney.  So I bought a new bumper off of Amazon.

Wish I could paint that crib white....but as soon as she's in a big girl bed that crib has got other plans.  And no I don't mean another baby! Geez, let's give it a few years.

Anytime I take pictures Levi always tells me to take pictures of him, instead of what I am trying to get an actual picture of.  But of course when the camera is pointed at him this is what happens.

Yep, no love for the lens.  His sister on the other hand, well she loves the camera.

Right before I tried to give her oat cereal for the first time

She hated the food, not one drop stayed in her mouth.  Can't say I blame her though, oatmeal was always hard for me to get down too.


Alex said...

Too cute!!! And the walls look great!!!