Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do you ever have Mom failure moments?

You know, the times where you feel like you messed up, or forgot something really important about your child or their schedule? 

I just got a call from the Children's Hospital reminding me and giving me instructions for Levi's MRI appointment on Monday. Come again?  MRI? Monday?  Uh, okay...if you say so...wait, why wasn't I notified of this earlier?

Apparently I was notified, back in January. Just a few days after his two week post-op appointment.  At least that's what they have on file.

MRI appointments are not fun.  They require general anesthesia, and that means I don't get to be with Levi when they administer it.  It's one of my biggest concerns as a mom, not being with him when he needs me.  And I hate having to hand him off to strangers and then walk away to wait in the Imaging Waiting room.

After that phone conversation I looked around our house and then gave myself a lecture about organization. You see, today and almost everyday, it looks like a small tornado struck in each room of our house.  And I fully believe that all this clutter and chaos is messing with my head and my ability to remember important appointment, like Levi's MRI.  Ugh, so no more putting it off...this weekend I am cleaning out our garage and cleaning our house from top to bottom. 

Hopefully those words will actually give me the motivation to follow through, because goodness knows I need it.

**update- I was actually able to give both kids baths at the same time tonight, do 3 loads of laundry and wash all of our dishes, within a 2 hour period.  It's amazing what one can accomplish when they give themselves a mental butt whooping for being lazy. ;)


Caren with a "C" said...

Visiting from SITS! You are so normal! I think every mom thinks they are the only one, but those days you described come frequently to mom's with little ones running around. Sometimes there are just so many things to juggle. Good luck to your little one with the appointment! That is so hard.

Caren with a "C" from Preserving Home Basics

The Bonjour Four said...

Good for you! glad you accomplished a lot this evening. I totally know the feeling.. you are NOT alone in it. I feel like that quite often actually. Hang in there! Being a mommy is a huge blessing but is definitely tough!

danita said...

Stopping by from sits-- My daughter had an MRI when she was six months old and it was the worst thing ever watching helplessly ad they pricked her four times trying to find a vein for the anesthesia ! You are right about that part being awful-- I will pray that god gives the doctors and nurses wisdom and some comfort for you and your kiddo!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Danita. This is his second MRI, so it's a little familiar to me, but doesn't make leaving him any easier.

And ladies, thank you so much for the support.

The Good, The Bad, & The Family said...

I think that same tornado has touched own at my house. SEVERAL TIMES! I agree that the mess & clutter effects your brain. Since getting off bed rest I've been working hard to eliminate the crap in my house. But crap is like bunnies & it multiplies! Especially with 3 kids! Oh- and good luck on the MRI!

Margaret (@goodbadfamily)