Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things my son says that make me laugh, but probably shouldn't

Levi is talking more and more each day.  It's great to see him growing and really becoming his own little person.  He is only 2 years old so a lot of things he says are not pronounced correctly.  Any mom with toddlers or older kids knows how funny this can be.

He says spoon, but yet it sounds like "poon."

He says percent, and it sounds like "shit."

He says fork, and it sounds like "f--k."

He says down, and it sounds like "damn."

He says Jungle Book, and it sounds like "Bung hole book."

Oh dear, I know I shouldn't laugh, but sometimes it's just too darn funny.

New haircut.  You would think that we were torturing him by the way he was crying and begging us to stop when Justin was clipping it.  Why do kids have such an aversion to getting their hair cut?


Lin said...

Ok, this post is just hilarious! LOVE it! :-) And, that second to last picture is just awesome!

Kimberly said...

HAHAH! What a cutie pie!

My son used to say "Fuk Fuks" and "Fuk offs" for flip flops and just the other day he was shouting while looking out the window "Mommy look! A-hole! A-hole"...

Yup, that means icicle in toddler talk.

Cracks me up.

Natasha said...

My son could never say disco. It was always "dikshow"!

Bless their little hearts!

Best wishes and Happy Valentine's day,
Natasha (via SITS)

Fanny said...

your boy is so cuuuute ! x