Monday, March 7, 2011

A little MacGyver enabled photo shoot.

Feels like I haven't I haven't posted all weekend.  Oh wait, I haven't. Sorry wonderful people who read my blog.  I've been working on a little side project that took up most of my free time this weekend. 

But today I thought I'd give you a tutorial on how to take some "product shots."  You know, pictures of things like jewelry or food or anything that you want to take  a photo of but you want it to have a white background and to be sitting on a white surface. Does this make sense? If not you'll see what I am talking about soon.

Be warned- I am NOT a professional photographer.  Heck, I am not even an intermediate photographer.  I'm just a girl who likes photography and taking pictures.  I took a few lame photography classes while in college from a professor that was way behind in what was happening with photography in the 21 century, and I took a ton of other Mass Communication and Journalism classes.  That somehow gave me enough units to graduate with a B.A. in Mass Communications and Journalism, emphasis was photography.  Sigh...wasted degree and all that wasted money. Oh well, maybe one day when the kids are older I can take it up seriously.

Back to my tutorial.

First you need to set up a table next to a sunny window. Then get your supplies.

Tape, wax paper, foil or white paper, camera, and your "product."

Rip off a piece of wax paper and tape it to your window.
Nice huh? Now don't get scared now. Keep reading.

Then you can use your white paper or foil to lay on the surface of your table.
I just grabbed a piece of scrapbook paper.

Then get your product ready.  The closest thing next to the paper are plants my husband is growing for our garden.

Product ready
This is what it would look like it I took the photo while standing up and pointing my lens downward.

So I squatted.
But didn't like it because there was still a gap where the window sill is. You can see the line in the background.

So I raised my little plant up higher.
Told you it was a Macguyver inspired photo shoot. I just grabbed anything to raise it up.

Now I tried again.

Ugh, to washed out for me. Must adjust camera settings.

Better right?

So now I am ready for my REAL products.

See it worked.  Now aren't you glad you kept reading?

Okay now if anyone has any tips or better ideas please let me know.  I am always looking for good photography tips to better my abilities. 

And if you like the bracelet, let me know, it's going up in my new etsy shop. Scurred for sho' about this! But I need to fund my craft and DIY addiction somehow. 

And another reminder, SEND ME YOUR RECIPES!!!
Email them to me.

EACH recipe you send me will count for one entry into the APRIL GIVEAWAY!! 1 recipe = 1 entry  10 recipes = 10 entries!! 
See how that works?

***April's Giveaway will include my favorite celeb's cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, along with some other great items.

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Katie said...

Brilliant, I've never heard of anyone else using wax paper as a screen, thanks so much for sharing! I wish I'd known this this morning!

Reeni said...

I'm so excited for you and your shop! The bracelet is so pretty! Good luck! And thanks for the tips.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for sharing those tips! Something I might not have thought of myself!

And I love the bracelet! I'm excited about your etsy shop (though my wallet may disagree)! ;)

Tabitha said...

That's awesome! It never would have occurred to me to tape wax paper to my window for a photo shoot. I'm definitely trying this out the next time. Thanks a whole big bunch for the tip!

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

Very cool! I've seen those little photo 'boxes' around for like $99. Think I like yours better ;)

Unfortunately, most of my artwork is too big for this. But I have learned not to use a flash, lol!

Dropping by from FB CrafterMinds group!

Cherie said...

Great tips! I'm your newest follower!

Check out my blog:

Niki said...

Great tip!!

Judith @ Creating Balance said...

Love it! Awesome bracelet!

SewHappyGeek said...

Excellent tip! I love that you used the plant first, then went on to the product. Hadn't thought of that before! If you want, you're welcome to link up at my blog, tomorrow for Manic Monday! I'm sure my readers would appreciate the tip!

Kelli said...

Great tips! I don't have any great place to photograph inside, but I have plenty of wax paper and white scrapbook paper, so now I'm all set! I came over from Flamingo Toes. Glad I did!