Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rian's Catch-all Frame

I'm not really sure what you would call this project. It's a frame that will hold cute mementos, pictures, and whatnot.

It's another project that I've wanted  to do for months and this past week it was finally warm enough to spray paint the frame. Not to mention I finally found the chicken wire where I could buy it in small pieces, and not in bulk!

This is the BEFORE:

This is the AFTER:
I removed the burlap art I did and the glass, then I spray painted the frame white using Valspar's white Primer.  I liked the flat finish so I didn't paint over the primer.

I stapled my piece of chicken wire to the back of the frame using my staple gun and 1/4" staples. Then I cut the excess chicken wire off using wire cutters.  I didn't want the chicken wire to scratch her walls so I hot glued strips of felt over the cut ends.

Next I added some cute clothes pins that I hand painted using acrylic paint

Then I added the silver LOVE sign I had bought from Marshall's for about $3. It used to be brown but I had spray painted it silver a while ago.
It's held on using small gauge silver wire I had lying around.

Then I added her R for her first name.
It's a simple card board letter from Joann's, I think it cost me $2-$3. I painted it using acrylic paint, then mod podged on the cute scrapbook paper I had cut out in to an R to match the colors in her room.  I embellished it by wrapping some cute ribbon and trim around one side and some of the small gauge wire too.  It's also hanging on by the wire wrapped around the top of the R and one "leg".

I love this way better than the other art piece I had done for her room. It's fun and cheery and I can't wait to clip on some cute pictures.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

This is such a pretty memo board! I really like that you can hang pretty things from it or practical things like school paper work.

Sassy's Ramblin's said...

super cute

Kimberly said...

That's such a cute & fun idea!! Looks great!

Lin said...

Wow! That's so cute! You're so talented!

Kei said...

Totally cute! The painted pegs, the 'Love' and 'R' really make it something extra special!

Mariaelena said... this...great idea...thanks for chicken wire!!...come on over for a visit to my blog...

At Home With Michelle said...

I so love this, it is the neatest idea, I have been a follower of your blog for a long while, would love if you would stop my and see my blog, thanks,:)

Taylor Soo said...

This is very similar to something I just did! (posted on my blog) However, your idea for the felt on the back is great! I will have to add that to mine to avoid scratching the walls. Also, that "R" is adorable! Nice work!

Tess said...

What an awesome make-over. I love it...

Jennifer Curtis said...

Thank you Tess!