Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thrift Store Neckalce Gets a Makeover

I bought this long gold chain months ago at the Salvation Army Thrift Store closest to my house several months ago.
I liked it and thought I could somehow refashion it or add something to it to make it a necklace I would wear and love. 

It hung on my armoire door for months before I finally decided on Tuesday what I wanted to do with it. 

Using flat jewelry pliers (I don't know their technical name, but there is a pic below) I undid the gold jump rings and laid out the 4 separate pieces of chain that made the one necklace.

I then repositioned the jump rings and chains so that I now had the bottom half of a necklace that looked like this:

Then I cut 3 very long pieces of dark navy blue ribbon and pulled them through one of the larger jump rings.  I then braided the ribbon all the way to its ends. I hand stitched them together so that they wouldn't come apart/unravel. Then I sewed the jump ring on the other side of the necklace onto the ribbon.

I then made a small rosette out of a piece of ribbon, and hot glued it onto the end of the braided ribbon to hide the stitches and fraying ends.

My favorite part is that it can hang asymmetrically, or unevenly around your neck, to show off the chains differently.  I seriously love it. It looks so good.  Now I'm gonna be on a mission to find more thrift store chains to refashion.

So what do you all think? Yes you like it, or No you think it's crap.

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Rachel said...

I love it! I really like the asymmetrical look--so cute! And I love the navy and gold together. Nice work!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

Maggie S. said...

You are a creative machine!!! I love it.

toi said...

How creative. My, my ;)!

Kimberly said...

I am so jealous! You're so crafty!! I absolutely love it!!

Beverly @ said...

I really like it Jennifer!! The contrast between the gold and black is beautiful!!
Definitely shop worthy. ;)

Tina said...


Lilliedale said...

Very cute! I love the navy and gold together, and you are right they are called flat nosed pliers. Glad I stopped by! ~ Merrilee

Yours Truly said...

I like it! Super cute idea. I never think to look at the jewelry at thrift stores.

beSlightlyAskew said...

How sad that would be if someone actually said, no it's crap! It's not at all. I'm totally on the same mission to find thrifted chains. Love it!

Christa said...

That looks amazing!