Friday, April 22, 2011

Kids will be Kids RANT

There was a story on our local news tonight about a 16 yr old boy who STOLE a donation container that was for cancer patients.  Apparently he was in a grocery/convenience store and waited until the cashier turned her back and then grabbed the container full of money and walked out.  They had him on tape and police were investigating. 

Word got back to his mother through some of his friends, who told her what he had done.  She took him down to their local police station and turned him in. (Yay mom.)  The 16 year old boy decided he would issue a statement or an apology to a local news station, and his mom agreed to let him, as long as his face wasn't shown on camera. 

The boy told the reporter he didn't know why he did it, that it was "confusing for him too." And he said, "I let my intentions take over. I didn't know it was for cancer patients."  Darn right you let your intentions take over. Your intent was to STEAL the money, so you did.  And if the donation money were for anyone else, the stealing would have been ok?  Who cares if the money was for cancer patients or a sick puppy. It wasn't YOUR money and it was wrong to take it. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

The reporter then interviewed the store owner/clerk who said she wasn't mad at the kid, and I'm going to quote her, "Kids will be kids."  What the heck? Kids will be kids?  How is it okay or acceptable for teenager to steal money, just because he is only 16? 

This is what's wrong with people. No accountability, no consequences. 

Man...if that had been my kid I think I would have made him wear a sign for a week that said I stole money from a store. Please keep an eye on me. 

What about you guys? How do you feel about it.


~Erin~ said...

Amen! I'm with you on that! Kids will be kids?!?! I most certainly don't think so!

Liz said...

At the age of 16, 'kids' in this country are old enough to legally have sex (and therefore kids of their own). In other places they are old enough to drive. Everywhere they should be old enough to know that taking something that does not belong to them is WRONG.

Jessica said...

Ditto!! I am with you! If it were my kid (or had it been me) I would make my child go on camera that they stole the money, I would make them work with cancer patients to realize who they stole from and really make them realize the consequences of their actions.

I think the world today has just made things so easy for kids, they don't understand that their actions have consequences. The technology that they have grown up with has made them have no boundaries and have no respect for people because they can hide behind the internet.

Thanks for posting this! I will be sharing your post on my blog

Maggie S. said...

He stole from whoever placed the container. Not from the convenience store, so why did they ask the clerk or follow up with the Cancer Society? Her comments are symptomatic, though. In the olden days, they didn't have this problem. Not only because there was a punishment for stealing,but also because the community agreed that there was no excuse (youth, poverty, lack of education, stress, peer pressure, addiction, etc.)and that if he steals from you and gets away with it today, he will steal from me tomorrow.

"Kids will be kids" was meant to describe someone's house or kidnapping the opposing team's goat NOT taking other people's money. He was not afraid of getting caught, knows it is approved by the convenience store, and will improve his game and keep on going.

If it was my kid I would say, put her face on TV--"this is a thief". I really like your T-shirt idea. Sorry to rant. You may have the mic back.

Kimberly said...

I totally agree! Kids will be kids??? First, at 16 you aren't a kid anymore. Seond, if that's what's going to be said about you after you do this what in the world does that teach you? Giving kids a scapegoat for stealing?? Not OK in my book. AT. ALL.

Alex said...

I 100% agree with you!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Alex. :) I just knew I wasn't crazy.

Patti said...

AMAZING.... he knew what he was doing... bottom line... stealing. NOT acceptable in any way, shape or form. Yeah! for the mom for turning him in yes... but somewhere along the line, he missed a lesson on the difference between right and wrong when it comes to taking what does not belong to you, whether it be a piece of candy or someone else's money. We as parents need to accept responsibility for 'training our kids in the way they should go'. We know they will mess up, but hopefully with God's grace and good parenting skills, they will experience only the minor mess ups that most of us experience in life! Not a 'criminal mess up' that as an adult will land them in jail! JMO!