Thursday, April 28, 2011

My new iPhone obsession

So just popping in real quick to tell y'all that I have a new toy.
I was jealous of everyone who had smart phones, so I went and got one too. :) I got mine with AT&T. It's a refurbished one, so it was about $100 less than the new ones. Score. 

Now I can keep up with you guys when I'm away from the house.

And I must admit, the apps are amazingly addictive. Last night I had to sit in our rocker holding my daughter while she slept, because she's sick and WILL NOT SLEEP IN HER CRIB.  I didn't get to sleep at all, but I did play a ton of angry birds, words with friends, and checked in on Facebook and Twitter, all while watching season 1 of Friday Night Lights on my laptop.  Thanks Netflix. 

And the my favorite app to play with so far has been Instagram. I love the pictures you can take and play around with on it.

Okay, guess the whole point of my post is to tell you, that I love the iPhone 4 and you should go out and buy one too. :P


Amber @ Lucky Lees to Be ♥ said...

AHHH!!! Instagram! Gotta love it...I've edited over 90 pictures with that app! So awesome! I've written several posts about how in love I am with it! Great app, makes me feel a bit professional! I only wish I had adorable kiddos like yours to snap pics of with it!!!

Christy said...

hee hee, I just got a new droid. lovin' it. I can lie and bed and do pretty much everything I'd be doing at the computer. Now if it would only do the dishes, we'd be set.