Monday, June 20, 2011

How we celebrated my Birthday and Father’s Day

So yesterday was quite the day.  Two amazing events taking place at the same time. My 28th BIRTHDAY and FATHER’S DAY. 


I would like to say we went all out and did some awesome dinner, or had a fun date night, or whatever, but I’d be lying. We stayed at home all day, and my parents and sister came over to visit.  I slept in way too long since I had been up almost the whole night with Levi and then Rian waking up so our day felt a little wasted.  But even though the day wasn’t as awesome as it could have been it was still pretty darn good.

1. I got to return my iPhone (the button wasn’t working very well) and got a brand new one. Awesome!

2. I finally broke down and bought an Otter Box case for it using my birthday money. (A fireman at the Apple Store recommended it, said he dropped his phone in a fire and the Otter Box case protected his phone so well that the phone remained undamaged even though his case was toast.) Win!

3. I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time ever! And it didn’t hurt like everyone had warned me. (And I love that they were done with them in 2 –3 minutes. Might not go back to tweezing!) Score!

4. My man made me the best darn trifle cake for my birthday that I have ever tasted! (never mind that it’s the only trifle I’ve ever had.) It was the bomb! Boo-yah!


5. He also made me the most amazing card and envelope that he embroidered my name onto! Is that love or what? Jealous huh?

birthday card


6. This week Levi made me smile and laugh more times than I can count. He is a blessing.



Hope you all are having  a great day!

***P.S. Now I have to think of something amazing to get Justin because of all the wonderful things he has done for me this week….Putting my thinking cap on. :)


Jenn Smith Sloane said...

So very jealous of your handmade and embroidered card! Looks like you had an amazing weekend! WOO HOO!

Kim @ Mamas Monologues said...

I love that handmade embroidered card! And that trifle? yum!

becomingbianca said...

I love eyebrow threading! And my Otterbox. Sometimes I hate that it's bulky, but what I'd hate even more is if I ruined my phone! And HOLY MOLY that trifle looks downright amazing! Way to go Jennifer's husband! And the card too? That dude LOVES YOU FOR SURE!
Happy belated birthday - sounds like it was a perfect day for you :)