Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Martha Stewart Questions whether she’s hip- Stenciled Canvases

So, like a fangirl, I follow Martha Stewart on twitter. Yeah, I know, what crafty gal doesn’t. 

But the other day Martha Stewart sent out a tweet that said, “Do you think I am hip?” And of course I tweeted back, “Hells yeah Martha!” or some nonsense like that to show my insane devotion to the craft goddess.  But I know she was probably asking from a marketing standpoint, like do people think my products and items are cool, trendy, worth buying.  And I am here to again say, Hells yeah Martha!

Do you think I could have created these awesome painted canvases without your new decorative paint line?
DIY Stencil and Artwork (27)
(okay, possibly yeah… but it wouldn’t have been as fun, and the colors wouldn’t have been a perfect match like these were, and the coverage and finish of your Satin paint was just what I was looking for!)
Supplies needed:
paint (any color you want)
brush and/or the roller tops from Martha Stewart
blank canvas
glue stick
contact paper
exacto knife or craft knife
I took blank canvases that I had in my craft closet, and painted them in different colors using the Martha Stewart Satin finish paint and the sponge roller tops in her new product line. I love that you can just connect the roller top right to the bottle of paint. So easy, right?
Martha Stewart Decorative Paint Line ProductsDIY Stencil and Artwork (2)
I rolled the paint on until the whole canvas was covered, then waited for it to dry.
DIY Stencil and Artwork (3)
Okay, I wanted to wait for it to dry, but I have kids and a husband so I have little time to watch paint dry. So instead I took a blow dryer and turned it on for a minute and dried the paint that way.
DIY Stencil and Artwork (8)
When it was dry I started working on making my own stencil. I found pictures of microphones while googling, and let my son chose which one he liked best. Lucky for me, he went with an easy one, minimal curves. After saving the image to my computer I opened up paint and resized the image.  Then I printed it off.
DIY Stencil and Artwork (10)
Next I cut most of the white paper away from the picture.
DIY Stencil and Artwork (11)
Then I took a glue stick and rubbed glue on the back of the picture. After that I stuck it onto my piece of contact paper.
DIY Stencil and Artwork (12)DIY Stencil and Artwork (13)
I then took my craft knife and cut out my microphone to make a stencil. I didn’t need the “inside” so I tossed it.
DIY Stencil and Artwork (14)DIY Stencil and Artwork (16)
I took the contact paper stencil I made and laid it on my canvas to see where I wanted it to go.
DIY Stencil and Artwork (15)DIY Stencil and Artwork (17)
When I knew where I wanted to place it I peeled off the back layer and laid the contact paper down on top of my stencil. I then peeled off the top layer of actual paper that I had glued down. It comes off super easy. Make sure you smooth all the edges that are going to be met by paint down on your canvas, before you start painting.
DIY Stencil and Artwork (19)
When you’re ready to paint the image you’ve chosen choose a stencil brush or sponge brush and just dab the paint on.
DIY Stencil and Artwork (22)
When the whole are is covered you can then pull off your contact paper.
DIY Stencil and Artwork (24)DIY Stencil and Artwork (25)
You can pretty much create tons of different stencils this way, and have your very own unique art to hang up.  These are going in my son’s room. I’m finally giving him a music themed room, and started the makeover process this past weekend. But I can imagine giving one as a gift for a new baby’s nursery to match the room d├ęcor, or use one of the stencils Martha has and hang a picture on our living room wall.
DIY Stencil and Artwork (27)

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today and checking out my crafty posts. I hope you had fun and were inspired to go out and create something beautiful too. And thanks again to Crafterminds, Plaid, and Martha. I have had a blast working on these fun projects.

I received products from Plaid Crafts that I reviewed. My opinion and thoughts shared are honest and completely my own.

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Adelyn said...

These are to friggin' adorable! love them!

Tricia @Nightowlmama said...

OMGosh such an adorable creative project... Note to self.. book mark this post :D

Shelby Barone said...

These are so cool!! Love it!

Dawn said...

Soo cute! I'm really jealous cuz I haven't gotten out to get me some of this Martha Stewart awesomeness!!!


Nitasha said...

These are awesome! I just got back from Michael's like 10 minutes ago and of course had to get a handful of these awesome paints (which are 40% off this week-yahooooo) and an accessory with the (40% off MS paint item coupon) I {heart} sales and coupons. Anyway, while I was in the store drooling over all the new Martha paints and access. I was wondering how to make my own stencils.....SO, in short, THANK YOU so much for this tutorial- PERFECT TIMEING!

Lil Mama Stuart said...

came from TT&J - pinning :)

Michell @ Girl In Air said...

Awesome!! I'm lovin all the stuff you're doing with the Martha Stewart products!