Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fluff Post #1

Oh my word y’all. I feel like I haven’t blogged in the longest time! I guess 10 days can feel like forever when you’re so used to being consumed by social media, right?


So to ease back into blogging I am going to give you guys a fluff post. You know, a post full of randomness, that really doesn’t mean much to anyone other than me.


Saw a hilarious you tube video last night, courtesy of a local news channel. It’s now one of my favorites. (Warning, a few curse words, and lots of humor.)

Starbucks Rant


If you’ve ever wondered how to buy your own .com for your blog, and you’re using Blogger, then you should check out this post from blog goddess, Heather (Dollar Store Crafts)on


Fall is here, and you know what that means, right?  Good TV shows are finally back! All summer long I wait for good TV shows to come back on (though I have been obsessed with Rookie Blue this summer), and they are finally here.  I can’t help it, kind of a TV junkie, we don’t get a lot of channels since we don’t have cable, and the channels that we do get don’t always come in clear, but when they do it makes my night so much better. After watching Disney movies on repeat all day long, I need a little escape or grown up TV shows.  I am a big fan of GLEE, Parenthood, Castle, Parks and Rec, Community, and so many more… BUT, what I really want to know is what are some of your favorites? What are you guys going to be watching this season?  Any of the new shoes look good to you yet?  I caught the X-Factor on FOX last night, and Revenge on ABC, and on Tuesday night I watched the NEW GIRL on FOX too.  What have you been watching so far?


While helping a friend this past week my thoughts have also been focused more towards giving back and helping those in need. One thing I’ve decided is to regularly donate to local homeless centers, woman’s shelters, or food banks. I have a new found appreciation for all the work they do and the help they provide for people in our communities.  If you have clothes, shoes, accessories, or extra food, think about taking it to one of your local homeless shelters or women’s shelters or food banks instead of throwing them away.


Justin, my hubs, is sick. No worries, he’s only got a cold. But his coughing is making me lose sleep at night. Ever want to shove a cough drop down someone’s throat when they are sleeping?  No? Okay, me either then.


P.S. I also have a giveaway post coming later today, and on Friday I am featuring a twitter pal of mine!


Ernestine Edna said...

I was just saying this week that I'm loving this new all season premier week on tv. When I was a working single mom I never watched primetime tv. Ever. But since I remarried, and we have cable with DVR now and my kids are older, it's like a whole new world!

But lest I become a potato, I can't sit and watch anything unless I'm knitting! :)