Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to make a simple Duvet Cover

Levi's_room_after_makeover (20)
Okay, so I am still on some kind of high from completing Levi’s room makeover and sewing my very first time! With a machine! And making a duvet cover at that! *yes, I need every single one of those exclamation marks. That’s just how excited I am!

My plan was pretty awesome. I was going to buy two flat sheets in colors that matched with my son’s new room, and I was going to take them to someone to sew them together so that he would have a new duvet cover to go over his brown comforter since it no longer matched. (not that it ever had anything to match to, but you know…)  So I bought an orange twin size flat sheet from Walmart for $5, and a teal blue twin sized sheet set from Walmart for $16 and some change. I used the fitted sheet to hide his box spring, and I used the flat sheet to make one side of the duvet cover. The other side I used the orange sheet.
I washed my two sheets and dried, then I lined up the sides of the sheets, the “bad” side of the sheets facing outward, and the “good” sides facing inward.  I was going to take it to a sewing and alterations place after they dried, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend more money. Especially if there was a chance I could do it on my own.  Instead of taking it anywhere I decided on a whim to try sewing it together.

I busted out an old sewing machine my grandma gave me, and that I have never used before.  I went online to the Brother website, found the product manual for that model and read through how to thread the machine and the bobbin, and how to sew.  I practice trying to sew a straight line one time, a piece of scrap fabric I had.  After my short practice run I sucked up all my courage and just went for it. If I thought about it too much I knew I would change my mind.

I sewed three sides together, the top, and the two longer sides. I left the bottom open for the moment until I teach myself how to make button holes. (That’s coming next.)

When I was done I flipped the new duvet cover right sides out and stuffed my son’s brown comforter inside of it. And let me just say, I felt AWESOME!!! Not gonna lie, I think it was the proudest moment I have had here recently.

You can see how it looks sewn together, with the right sides showing.
DIY_two_sided_duvet_cover (3)DIY_two_sided_duvet_cover (4)
And if my son gets tired of blue, he can flip it to the orange side.
For $20, or less if you buy the flat sheets and not a set, you can make a duvet cover for your kid’s bed.
DIY_two_sided_duvet_cover (1)

Heck, I might even make a new one for our bed now that I am a gal who can sew!


Jen @ Paisley Print Shoes said...

What a great idea! I need to bust out my sewing machine one of these days...it's sort of intimidating though! :) Love the green pillow too!

Tonia @ TheGunnySack.com said...

Way to go!! I love how it turned out!

Andi @ udandi said...

looking good! good luck doing button holes, you'll be fine!

I use an extra fitted sheets to hide my box spring instead of a frilly dust ruffle.

duvet covers said...

What a great idea! I need to bust out my sewing machine one of these days...it's sort of intimidating though! :)