Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Paint Horizontal Stripes- the easy way

Yesterday was the big reveal for my son’s room makeover. You can check out the Room Reveal here. Today I am going to show you how I painted those awesome horizontal stripes on his wall.
Levi's_room_after_makeover (4)

I used the U-STRIPE IT & Design Tool to help me tape perfectly even and straight horizontal lines.  This U-Stripe It tool is really easy to use and saved me so much time when I was taping off my wall. Like a serious amount of time. I was able to tape the whole wall in less than an hour, even though I was doing it by myself and with my two kiddos in the room with me.  Remember what a pain taping and measuring and all that jazz was when I did our herringbone wall? Can’t help but think how much time I would have saved if I had this tool.

I was contacted by Phillip Mendez, the company’s distributor, and asked if I would like to review the U-Stripe It tool.  After checking out the website and the video on the main page I was seriously interested in seeing if the tool would really make that big of a difference when I was taping off my wall to do stripes.  I got the package a day after I had signed up to makeover my son’s room. I knew it was fate. ;)
UStripeIt tool
The U-Stripe it tool comes with easy to follow instructions, and everything you would need to create awesome stripes or other designs by painting your walls. (Each package includes a roll of Scotch Blue Painter’s tape, two levels that attach to the tool so you can create even and straight lines, and two adhesive strips that you use to hang the tool so you don’t have to hold it while you tape.
You can see one of the levels that attaches here, and the adhesive strips that you can use to position the U-stripe it tool so you can tape off without having to hold it.
And you can see in this picture, the silver screws are where you can adjust the width of your stripes, just by loosening them pulling on the sides of the tool and tightening the screws when you’re ready. (Oh and don’t mind the crazy blue tape around the bottom part of the tool, I clumsily dropped it while I was up on top of the chair and not paying attention and one little part of it snapped. We tapped it back together and it worked as good as new. Promise.)

Before you begin you can determine the width you want your stripes and set your tool to that measurement. When you begin you will place your tool in the top corner of the room or area you want to paint and make sure that it’s level. The U-stripe it tool will stick to the wall while you tape of the length of the tool and then you can move the tool when you want to tape off your segment.  I was having such an easy time of it I forgot to take photos during my first stripe! But I remembered to take photos when working on the second one.
But you can see how it clings to the wall without you having to hold it. That part is pretty awesome.

So I taped the length of the tool, then I tore the tape, repositions my tool and taped off the next segment of my line.
I did that across the whole length of my wall. Until it looked like this:
Painting_stripes_on_a_wall (4)
I taped up pieces of paper the color each line was supposed to be written on them, just so I wouldn’t forget while taping and then painting.

Last time I posted about painting our herringbone wall a couple of readers gave me some good tips about minimizing bleeds through the lines of tape. I used the tip of painting a thin layer the color of my wall on the around the edges of the tape so that it would seal better and create cleaner lines.
Painting_stripes_on_a_wall (6)

The first stripe I did was with the Caribbean Sea from Glidden.
Painting_stripes_on_a_wall (14)
Once it was dry I moved line of tape at the bottom of blue line up one each, so that each stripe would be the exact same width.
Painting_stripes_on_a_wall (16)
Then I painted my other stripes using the True Turquoise from Glidden.
Painting_stripes_on_a_wall (17)
Once I had got done painting the turquoise stripes I pulled all the tape off.

I had crisp, even and perfectly straight lines, and it didn’t take me forever to do them!  I was totally smitten with the U-Stripe It tool and will definitely be using it again. Thanks Phill!
Levi's_room_after_makeover (9)

Disclosure: I was provided the U-Stripe It and Design Tool to review, but all opinions  and experiences I shared are completely my own.