Monday, September 12, 2011

Snack Time with the Kiddos and #GrilledEssentials

Do you guys ever get stuck in a rut, when it comes to feeding your kids at breakfast, lunch or dinner? What about snack times?  I know I have the tendency to make them the same snack over and over simply because it’s easy and I know they’ll eat it. Plus my kids seem like human garbage disposals sometimes, they just eat and eat and eat. I guess little growing bodies get hungry. A LOT.  And seeing as how they eat all the time, I really wanted to try to find them something that was easy to make, tasted good, and was a healthy snack time option.

So I was really excited this past week when I got the chance to shop for and try out some of the new Grilled Essentials from Hillshire Farm. 

Shopping_for_Grilled_Essentials (2)

My kids and I headed to Walmart last Friday to do some shopping and pick up the Grilled Essentials. I looked everywhere for them in the grocery section but couldn’t find them I saw a few other already cooked chicken breast in packages but none of the Hillshire Farm Grilled Essentials.  Finally, I asked a Walmart employee if they  could tell us where they were. He looked around the grocery section for a few minutes but couldn’t find them either.  I was super disappointed, but kept shopping for our other groceries.  Lucky for us, the same employee I had asked where the Grilled Essentials where, came out and found me still in the grocery section and brought out a box of them that they had in the back.  Yay! He told me they hadn’t put them out yet because they didn’t have a place for them, and that the Lemon Pepper flavor was the only one they had. I asked him if he knew how much they were and he scanned one and told me $3.48 each. With the .55 cents off coupon that would put each package under $3, so that worked for me.  I grabbed a few of them, said a very grateful thanks, and kept shopping with my kiddos.


While I was there I grabbed some romaine lettuce, some fresh fruit that was on sale and some fruit snacks for the kiddos...

Shopping_for_Grilled_Essentials (12)Shopping_for_Grilled_Essentials (14)Shopping_for_Grilled_Essentials (15)

Totally had to bribe my kids with the fruit snacks in the store so they would stay calm when we were shopping. Rule number one for shopping moms, don’t hesitate to bust out the bribes. Hehe.

Shopping_for_Grilled_Essentials (1)Shopping_for_Grilled_Essentials (5)


When we got home both kids were starving and I thought then would be the perfect time to test out the Grilled Essentials we bought.

Snack_time_with_Grilled_Essentials (1)

Inside each Grilled Essentials package comes two seasoned and cooked chicken breasts. Each chicken breast is a 3 oz serving, and only 120 calories, but is packed full of 19 grams of protein.  They also come in 4 different flavors, Lemon Pepper, Italian Style, Hardwood Smoked Chicken Breast, and Grilled Chicken Breast.


The Lemon Pepper chicken breasts were great. Not dry or rubbery, and just had a really good flavor.  I especially loved how easy they were to make. As soon as my youngest saw me grab one from the fridge she climbed into her high chair and started yelling for some food. Good thing you only have to heat them in their package, in  the microwave for 60 seconds before they are ready to eat.

Snack_time_with_Grilled_Essentials (3)

When they are done heating up, you can open the package and serve them up however you like.

Snack_time_with_Grilled_Essentials (4)


For my kid’s snack time I took one of the chicken breasts, heated it up and then cut it into pieces for them to eat with their strawberries and blueberries. They would eat chicken and fruit all day long every single day if I let them, so the Grilled Essentials were perfect for them.   

Snack_time_with_Grilled_Essentials (7)Snack_time_with_Grilled_Essentials (9)


With the second chicken breast I heated it up and then cut it into slices, to use for my own quick snack.  I grabbed a tortilla from the fridge, a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese, some romaine lettuce and a few strawberries.

Snack_time_with_Grilled_Essentials (10)Snack_time_with_Grilled_Essentials (11)

Then I spread the cheese over my tortilla, and layered the lettuce, the chicken and sliced strawberries on top. I also drizzled some balsamic reduction I had made a few weeks ago over the top, and got to sit down just in time to enjoy snack time with my kiddos. (THAT NEVER HAPPENS! Usually I am too busy cleaning up things or still trying to figure out what to grab to eat myself!) 

Snack_time_with_Grilled_Essentials (13)

It was so yummy. The lemon pepper seasoning went great on my wrap, and I felt like I was eating something healthy and filling.  I could see using the Grilled Essentials for snacks, quick lunches, or dinners…on salads, in sandwiches, with some vegies and whole grain pasta, or some brown rice and stir fry veggies.  I know my husband even liked them enough to tell me to buy a few more so he could take them to lunch with him.


I felt like our yummy snack time was one of the best parts of our day. No hassle, easy clean up, and tasted like I spent a lot of time making it, when really all I did was throw it together in less than 5 minutes.  And I know that when I start off my morning or afternoon with healthy foods, I try to eat healthier the rest of the day too. Anyone else feel like that?  Maybe this could be a great option for you?!


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions and experiences have been honest and were definitely my own.


Rags to Stitches said...

What a super yummy snack idea!! I want a bite of your tortilla!

Reenie said...

Those do look good ~ I've never seen the before. I'll have to look for them now. thx.

Tonia @ said...

This sounds delicious! I love warm chicken on my salads!

Stacey says... said...

Love those fresh strawberries on your wrap! And your kids love to eat chicken? That's awesome! My 3 year old thinks it's complete torture!