Saturday, October 1, 2011

October #Unprocessed- Can I do it?

Taken from EATING RULES:

“In October of 2009, I was struck by a simple idea:

What would happen if I went for an entire month without eating any processed foods?

This question would have been laughable (rather, nonsensical) just a few decades ago. Nowadays, it seems that almost every food that comes with an ingredients list on it is likely to be laden with extra sugar, fat, and salt.  And preservatives.  And flavorings.  And artificial colors.

I’m not okay with this.

So I tried it, along with a few good friends: A month of no processed foods.”


Craziness, right? No PROCESSED FOODS for a whole month? The idea was so crazy that Andrew from Eating Rules, decided to take on this challenge again last year, and had 415 people take the pledge too.

This year there are over 2,000 people joining in. And I am going to try my hardest to be one of those people.


I already know I probably can’t go the whole month without eating ANY processed foods, being honest here! (There are a hell of a lot of processed foods out there. Did you know that?) But I am going to pledge to try my hardest and make some definite changes for October, changes that will hopefully carry on into November, and December and so on.


Andrew pretty much has a simple definition for what he calls Processed Foods:

“Unprocessed food is any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with readily available, whole-food ingredients. 

I call it “The Kitchen Test.” If you pick up something with a label (and if it doesn’t have a label, it’s probably unprocessed), and find an ingredient you’d never use in your kitchen and couldn’t possibly make yourself from the whole form, it’s processed.

It doesn’t mean you actually have to make it yourself, it just means that for it to be considered “unprocessed” that you could, in theory, do so.”


Taking Andrews definition and keeping in mind what the October #Unprocessed Challenge is all about, my husband and I decided to commit to making some big changes here at home.


I am going to cook more meals using whole, unprocessed ingredients. I love that my taste buds have grown through out the years, and that I enjoy trying new recipes or foods (used to be so incredibly picky). 

Another change I am going to make is, to read labels on the foods that I buy.  Already I have been checking out the labels on some of the things in our fridge and pantry, and there are tons of foods with ingredients on the list that I can’t even tell you what they are, or pronounce their names correctly. So why the heck would I want to eat it? 

And the biggest change I am going to try and make is to stop eating fast food. I’ve been terrible these past few months, eating out more than ever, and allowing my kids to eat the same things. I will be the first person to say that I love me some processed foods, they are convenient, readily available, and often taste good in the moment.  (Hard to pass up peanut M&M’s, am I right?) But, it’s time for me to make changes in my diet.


If you’re interested in taking the October Unprocessed Challenge, you should head to Andrew’s blog, Eating Rules, and check out his post or even sign the pledge!


I hope to share some really good recipes this month, with little to no processed ingredients in them. And if you do decide take the challenge, I’d love to be an encouragement to you or read about your journey too.


Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Wow. That's a big commitment. Good for you and good luck. I'm anxious to follow along, see your recipes and how things go. We don't eat many processed foods at home, but occasionally eat out. And, we don't do any HFCS or red dyes in our home already. (for the kids for sure) I am soo curious to follow along with your journey. I bet you'll feel SO good after just a week or two. Lots of luck.

Liz said...

As you know, I'm in and behind you all the way!

Jesy said...

I love this idea!! I try my hardest not to eat unprocessed foods.
Do you have a Trader Joe's around you? this is one place I have found is really awesome for getting unprocessed, also I know people are money cautious.. for me and the family its no more expensive for us. But if you stay away from their treat items its easy not to overspend.

Nicole said...

I'm really glad that you guys decided to join in this challenge this month. We should try to plan a dinner together one night before the month is over!