Friday, November 4, 2011

Fruit Baskets- Pinterest Inspiration

I am always pinning projects or ideas on Pinterest. I am always adding to my list of things to do, or things I want to do. But last week I decided I would actually try and do a project I had pinned.
This is the picture I re-pinned.  The baskets are from Willow House, and cost almost $35.
Using the baskets to store fruit was such a good idea. I loved it, but I didn’t love the price. So I went on the hunt to find me some baskets the I could hang and store fruit and veggies in. I found two baskets, that seemed perfect for the job, at Home Goods.  Each basket was $9.99. (I love Home Goods, could spend hours in there if I had the time.)
This is what I came up with.
I bought a few hooks from Lowe’s, drilled holes into my cabinet and hung the baskets.  I love them! Gives me plenty of extra room for fresh veggies or fruit that I need to store, without taking up any counter space.
Have you guys got any fun projects you’ve pinned and worked on? I would love to see them! And remember, not all projects have to be big undertakings. Sometimes completing something small and useful makes a huge difference.