Thursday, November 3, 2011

Simple Hardware Update

Okay, so some of you might know that I kind of loathe the color of my kitchen cabinets, hardware, and tile counters. We’re definitely don’t have the funds to replace our tile countertops right now, but I have decided to work on the things we can change. Like the hardware!

All of our hinges used to look like this or worse. Ugly, right?

cabinet_hinges_transformation (4)

That’s why they had to be changed. If you’re like us and money is tight, but you still want to update your kitchen hardware, then all you need is some sand paper, some vinegar/ammonia, and a can of spray paint.

I took off all the hinges on the top half of our cabinets. soaked them in some ammonia for an hour or so (you can used vinegar too I’ve heard), rinsed them off and let them dry. When they were dry I took some 150 grit sand paper and sanded all the yucky rust, dirt, and grime off of them. I rinsed and dried them again, then got out my spray paint.  **Oh, and IF you use the ammonia, please do it in a well ventilated area.**

I used Oil Rubbed Bronze, from Krylon, that I had Justin pick up at Walmart. (You can always count on Walmart to be open late, and carry spray paint. Hooray!)  Now all of our hinges look, or will soon look, like this:

cabinet_hinges_transformation (3)

Much better, right?!

I sprayed 18 hinges, and some other hardware for a buffet I redid, and still have half of my can of spray paint left. I easily updated the look of our hardware, and it only cost us about $4.

cabinet_hinges_transformation (1)

I just have to finish up the rest of the hinges, and I might do the knobs too.  And hopefully I’ll get around to painting the cabinets.

I have tons more projects to show you guys, but I’d love to hear what you’ve been working on too!


Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

That made such a difference--nice job!

folkhaven said...

Huge improvement, and only $4?! It would look great if you did the knobs the same way. My hinges look horrid... But this I could afford to do. New hinges, not right now. Thanks for the idea!