Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fun Holiday Pillows made with Tulip Shimmer Sheets and Paint

I have been sewing up a whole lot of pillows these past couple of days! Me, the girl who didn’t even know how to use the sewing machine her grandma gave her, has now gotten enough confidence using it, to make her own fun holiday pillows!
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (55)
Even though I sewed them, and stuffed them myself, I had a whole lot of help making them look so cute and festive. Want to know my secret?
I used Tulip Fahion Glitter Shummer Transfer Sheets to make my red Christmas ornaments, and spell out the word HOPE.  I was sent the awesome shimmer transfer sheets, and some Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Fabric Paint to test it out and review. 
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (18)
As you can see they have a lot of different color paints, and transfer sheet colors. Made my job of making the pillows super easy.
The first thing I did was find an image I wanted to use with the transfer sheet and I printed it off and cut it out.
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (25)
I then laid the image down on the transfer sheet and traced around it with a permanent marker. (There is a plastic covering over the Glitter Shimmer Sheet, so no need to worry about drawing on it.)
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (27)
After I traced the outside of my image onto the transfer sheet, I then cut it out. (In fact, I cut out 3 of them!)
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (28)Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (30)
After I cut out the shapes, it was time to iron them on.  Before ironing all you have to do is peel off the plastic layer on top of the transfer sheet, then place it where you want it to go.
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (3)Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (4)
Lay a pressing cloth down over it, and iron it. (I just used a thin flour sack towel as my pressing cloth, and set my iron on the high, dry setting.) 
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (5)
Keep your iron firmly pressed down for a minimum of 40 seconds.
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (6)
After the 40 seconds is up, lift up the iron and pressing cloth to reveal your transferred on design.  (You can also re-iron it if you need to at this point.)
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (7)
I had a little bit of a snag while using the red transfer sheet, and just in case this happens to anyone else I want to give you a solution to fix it. When peeling away the plastic top cover from the transfer sheet, some of the transfer sheet actually stuck to the plastic.
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (10)
At first I thought, bummer, now I can’t use this one. But then I decided to just fill on the hole by cutting out a small piece of the transfer sheet and placing it over the area that needed glitter and iron it on that way.
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (11)
See, just cut a small piece out, laid it on top of the missing glitter spot, and ironed it right on like normal.
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (12)
When I was done, you couldn’t even tell that there was a mess up!
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (13)
And I loved the ease of using the iron on transfer sheets so much I made multiple pillows using them.
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (54)
I did the same thing to create the HOPE pillow. Printed out my letters, laid them onto the transfer sheet, traced them, and cut them out. Then ironed them right on. So easy!!
And I love this silvery-rainbow colored glitter sheet.
 Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (57)
So pretty, right?
And I couldn’t not try out the paints, so I made my sister a smaller version of the HOPE pillow, but used the purple Shimmer paint from Tulip.
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (1)Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (14)Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (15)
I just traced my letters onto the pillow fabric, then painted it on using a small paint brush.
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (16)
I did two coats, and let it dry.
Tulip_Shimmer_paint_and_iron_on_transfers (58)
I really can’t wait to get my hands on more of the transfer sheets, they are pretty awesome. And I have tons of ideas for the paint.
I hope you guys like my pillows, and I would love to know if you make anything using the Tulip Shimmer Sheets or Shimmer Paints!

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Steph said...

Love these sparkly pillows, Jennifer!
Would never have noticed the hole if you didn't mention it, but it's great the product was able to repair it so seamlessly. Your sister will love the purple one!

Condo Blues said...

I am going to keep your tip in mind if I ever run into that snag on my next project. Thanks.

Colleen Jorgensen said...

fabulous tutorial! I haven't used this stuff but now I wanna try it. And great tip on the boo-boo!