Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finally a Living Room update

This post is LONG overdue. Really, it is. Last year in July I showed you how I painted our wall with the herringbone pattern.
living room project, herringbone wall (16)
But I never updated you guys on how I’ve changed things since then. My bad.  And I’ve been meaning to show you guys the room, or at least this part of the room, for the past 4 months or so, but there was one slight problem. I went for months without lamp shades, and I didn’t want to show you guys my pictures until I had some lamp shades put on the lamps. And then even when I had finally bought lamp shades I still procrastinated in taking some quick pictures.  (Did I tell you guys that I am a really bad procrastinator?)

So here’s what changed:  I sold the dark brown TV stand, moved the turquoise dresser into that space, and took two lamps from our bedroom and put them on either side of the TV. Oh, and I also painted the lamps from a brushed nickel color to sun yellow.
I would still love to put something up above the TV, or mount the TV on the wall, but I haven’t decided yet on what I will actually do.
And there is still a lot to do behind the camera in the rest of the room, so one day when I finish all that stuff up I’ll show you that too.

I really want to buy or make slip covers for our couches, since getting new ones is not in our very low budget (think $0). And I also want to add some touches of purple, like an eggplant purple into the room.   So I might paint the other lamp in the room, or add some artwork with some of the colors I want to incorporate. I just really want to do something fun and lively, you know? 

And if you guys have any ideas, I am all ears.  I love hearing from you and what you guys have going on.

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