Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I’ve been cooking with Pheeling…

So, I got sent a recipe book from Kraft after trying out their Philadelphia Cooking Creme and making their recipe for Baked Penne.  I didn’t know they were going to send me their recipe book, Cooking with Pheeling, but I am totally glad they did. And a little sad too. I can’t stop making recipes from that dang book because they have all tasted so darn good.

*warning pictures don’t look great since they are taking using my phone and with my broken Canon.*

I made this Chicken, Broccoli, Red Pepper Rotini, and fancied it up with some white wine, heavy cream, and some fresh grated parmesan cheese, and it was soo good. Seriously yummy and easy to make. 
chicken_broccoli_red_pepper_rotini (4)

I also made this Cauliflower Au Gratin…

these Poblano Pepper Poppers…

and I made a Orzo Pasta side dish that was so good and easy to make, I did it again a few days later.

I have several more pages of the book dog-eared, recipes that I will be making really soon.  It’s a pretty good book to have on hand if you like making quick and easy meals that taste really great. Just wanted to share with it with you guys.  And if you feel like buying it  check out my link to it down below on Amazon.

P.S. Kraft isn't paying me to write this post, and no one else is either. I just really liked the book, and know that some of you will too.