Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What to do with left over waffles
Is there any breakfast better than fresh, hot waffles? Waffles drizzled with real Maple Syrup, and topped with sliced strawberries?  Yeah, now I have your attention…

My husband and I love our waffle maker, the only problem we’ve ever had was making too many waffles, and having left overs. I used to just be sad about the idea of left over waffles, they were always soggy, and never tasted as good as they did when you first make them.  Throwing them away felt wasteful, and I knew there had to be a way to revive them.

So I started dividing the soggy waffles into sections and refrigerating them.
Then the next day if I wanted waffles, I just had to get out our toaster and pop in the divided waffle.
I’d toast them and they’d come out just like fresh waffles, golden brown, toasted, and hot.
But this time, instead of maple syrup and strawberries, I took a tablespoon of Nutella and spread it on each piece of waffle. It made for one awesome dessert.

Do you guys save leftover waffles? What about French toast? 


Dree said...

I make double batches of waffles, so we can toast them for breakfast--but they do get a little dry. I have learned that steaming frozen waffles and them pan-frying them gives much more of the same texture as fresh waffles. As to toppings, we all prefer different things--that's the beauty of waffles!

Laryssa said...

We use leftover waffles in meatloaf at our house. Sometimes my husband makes them if there are no leftovers. Its amazing. We were out of bread once and the new recipe was born.

Anonymous said...

They freeze well, too! Just pop them in the toaster!