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Mini Room Makeover- Freshening up for Spring, with the Help of Renuzit’s #FreshAccents

mini_room_makeover_with_help_from_Renuzit (6)
Well, it is most definitely spring time here. Even though winter was so short, I welcome the warmth of Spring and what it means for my family. Spring time means my kids get to spend more time outside, they love playing in the dirt and grass. It means my husband can start growing a garden. And it means that I can freshen up our home, and not just with Spring cleaning and new scents of Spring… but with new d├ęcor too. 

I know some of you ladies dread winter for the same reasons I do, winter means no spray painting outside!  The weather has to be nice enough outside so that we can take our kids out to play, and work on spray painting projects while they are staying busy with their shovels, and cars, and tricycles.  This past week the weather has truly been wonderful. Perfect temps, more daylight because of the time change, and everything outside seems to be wakening up from the winter blues.  It was so nice to open the windows, and let fresh air come in.

Usually when spring comes, I like to change a few things up, bring in fresh flowers, maybe get a new scented candle… but I wasn’t content to just make little changes this year. I wanted to do something a littlle more daring.  This is what my little corner next to my couch looked like before I did a mini makeover on it.
table_BEFORE (3)
The table was dark, and the top of it was a little beat up from my two kids. The lamp was a creamy color that just didn’t go with the colors I wanted in there. And the couch… well the couch still looks like a garden threw up on it, but I have plans to buy new slipcovers, or attempt to make my own.
I also wanted to make change our rug by our front door since it’s the first thing you see when you walk in. The green wasn’t working.

Right after I made a plan to makeover some of our living room, I headed to Walmart to go shopping.  If you are on a budget, Walmart is a good place to go to pick up a few things for easy and quick changes.  I almost always hit up the paint aisle when I go.
shopping_at_Walmart_for_Renuzit_Fresh_Accents (1)
You can see they have some great colors.
And I also headed over to their Air Fresheners aisle to do a little shopping there too.
shopping_at_Walmart_for_Renuzit_Fresh_Accents (13)
It’s a huge aisle, right? Who knew there were so many different air fresheners, and fragrances!  And believe me, it was a busy aisle! People were congregating there like they were giving out free samples.

I wanted to get some stuff to freshen up our living room carpet, but I also wanted to get a room air freshener too. And since there aren’t a lot of hiding spots in our living room where I could tuck an air freshener away, I knew I’d have to find one that was stylish enough to be sitting out in plain sight.  Which is why I am really happy with the design of the Fresh Accents from Renuzit
shopping_at_Walmart_for_Renuzit_Fresh_Accents (9)
They are really cute and small, but don’t really look like traditional air fresheners I’ve seen. I love the silver cartridge holder, and the leaf design on it too.  After smelling them both, we decided to go with the Raspberry #FreshAccents.

After doing some shopping at a few more stores, Pier 1, Joann’s, Home Depot, and a couple of thrift stores, I was ready to go home and get to work.

First I primed my table with KILZ, then I sanded it and wiped it down.
priming a table with KILZ (3)priming a table with KILZ (1)
Then I painted it with Krylon’s Sun Yellow… and even though it was like, BAM! In your face bright and “spring time” perfect, I just couldn’t bring myself to liking it.
IMG_3063sun yellow from Krylon
So I repainted it white once the yellow had dried.  It was a much better color for our room. Still fresh and bright, but also calming.  And I didn’t stop painting there. I went on to spray paint the lamp base, some book ends, and the rug. Yep, I spray painted that old rug. And now it looks amazing.
spray_painted_rug_using_Rust-oleum's_lagoon (1)

I also put my sewing skills to use and made a few pillow covers to bring some fun colors into our living room. (The teal pillow I was lucky to find at Pier 1, and I love it!)
new pillows (2)new pillows (9)
mini room makeover (7)
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It’s so great to see our living room coming together, even though I am definitely not finished yet. But I am so happy to have some new accessories in our home, and to have it smelling like yummy berries!

And I love how the Fresh Accents air freshener fits right in with the colors I chose for our living room. I couldn’t have planned it any better!
mini_room_makeover_with_help_from_Renuzit (4)
I hope I have inspired you to freshen up your own home this Spring just like Renuzit has inspired me. You don’t have to worry about doing big changes if you’re not ready for it. Sometimes just getting a new pillow, doing some deep cleaning, or even getting a new air freshener can make a big difference.
If you want to see more of my shopping trip and makeover pictures, you should head over to my Google+ album right now.

Renuzit wants to help you guys bring a little spring time freshness into your homes too, so they are offering a $1 off coupon for anyone who visits their Facebook page and wants to send a friend a Gorgeous e-card.  And you might just want to check out their Gorgeous page too. I know some of my friends liked the eye candy there, hehe.

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nest of posies said...

love it!

i love glimpses inside your house. it's so colorful but so tasteful.

i double heart that sign - love lifted me!


Tonia L said...

Your mini makeover is wonderful! Isn't spray paint amazing? I love that you even did the rug! I have a painted rug project in the works too! :)

April Decheine said...

Love the makeover, something I want to learn is to sew, it looks awesome!

Kathy said...

Spray paint and sewing pillows are my favorite things to do! I LOVE the colors that you've chosen...
You're getting me inspired to try the rug!

Carolyn said...

Love the turquoise and yellow accents. Everything looks so clean and crisp now. Perfect for spring. Great job.

Brandie @ Home Cooking Memories said...

I really like the clean look of the table being white. Love the looks of it all.

Holly Lefevre said...

So pretty! Love the colors - it look bright and cheery and ready for Spring.

Sara @ said...

Wow, Fresh Accents only $1.76 at Walmart? What a deal!

Also, that yellow is definitely BAM! I like the white, it looks very clean :)

Great job on the makeover, very nicely done!

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

I love the yellow too!! In fact all of your colors are fantastic. :) This is coming together GREAT! Very inspiring!

Ginger said...

Love your sign! Yes, yellow was the perfect accent color. Great job.

Ginger @

Stacy of KSW said...

whoa, is that chevron wall in your house?!!? this makeover makes me happy, hope it makes you too. I've been working on a few projects myself, cant wiat to show them to you!

Mom Foodie said...

Wow, you certainly freshened things up!

Stacey said...

Awesome chevron wall! Looks great and nice changes!!! Please comeby my party to link this up - I would love to have you!
Stacey of Embracing Change

Leslie said...

Love your room! Good job!

Sara said...

LOVE this!! SO beautiful!! Hope you can link this up at my turquoise lovin' party!!

Beth@A to Z said...

Super cute! Love the pops of color!