Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter is almost here and we’re celebrating a little early #KmartEaster

enjoying_their_Easter_baskets_and_clothes (1)enjoying_their_Easter_baskets_and_clothes (5)
Can you believe that Easter is less than a week away? I almost had a little freak out when I realized how quickly it was coming. I know that Spring has been here for quite a while, but Easter seems to have snuck up on me. Anyone else feel like that?  Normally by now I’d know what we were doing on Easter Sunday, which side of the family we’d be spending it with, and what kind of dish we were bringing. I’d have decorations up, and have gotten the kiddos a few new clothes for their Spring and Summer wardrobe.  But I didn’t have any of those things done or figured out. Until Saturday, that is. 

We got a fabulous opportunity to head to Kmart and do some shopping for Easter baskets for the kids. This was the perfect way to get ready for Easter Sunday. 

I checked Kmart online for their local ads to see if they were having any deals.  I found plenty of goodies that were going to be on sale when we went shopping. And I even signed up for their free Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards Program to earn points and rewards when we go shopping there.
Kmart_circular (2)Kmart_circular (1)
As soon as we walked into Kmart the kids saw a big display of Easter baskets, toys, and candy. They kind of went crazy picking out their baskets. Ever see any two kids happier over getting to pick out a basket?
Easter_basket_shopping_at_Kmart (8)
I let them each choose their own basket and plush toy to go inside.  And before we headed to check out the rest of the Easter goodies, I wanted to stop by the toddler clothing section and pick them each out a cute outfit.  I loved the cute shorts that were on sale, 2 for $12, and the shirts were on sale too.
Easter_basket_shopping_at_Kmart (18)Easter_basket_shopping_at_Kmart (19)
Then we headed over to the Easter holiday aisles.  I felt like you could find everything you need to create a fun Easter basket for a couple of little ones. And they had a ton of Easter décor for your home too.  But I was really happy to see the cute books that they had, perfect to go inside an Easter basket. And I loved that they had several books that talked about the reason why OUR family celebrates Easter.
Easter_basket_shopping_at_Kmart (33)Easter_basket_shopping_at_Kmart (34)
I love being able to talk to my kids about why Easter is so important to us. It’s not just about the baskets, and egg hunts, and candy. For our family there is a BIGGER reason to celebrate.

Our shopping trip was so much fun, and the kids were so excited when I let them have their baskets early. I mean really, how could I not?  They patiently waited till I put both baskets together, but then begged Justin and I to let them play with their new bubble gun, and put on their new clothes.
making_fun_Easter_baskets_with_goodies_from_Kmart (18)making_fun_Easter_baskets_with_goodies_from_Kmart (1)making_fun_Easter_baskets_with_goodies_from_Kmart (12)making_fun_Easter_baskets_with_goodies_from_Kmart (14)making_fun_Easter_baskets_with_goodies_from_Kmart (15)making_fun_Easter_baskets_with_goodies_from_Kmart (16)
making_fun_Easter_baskets_with_goodies_from_Kmart (8)
The bubble guns were the big hit of the day. Bubbles and the bunnies. My 3 year old is just to that age where he is making up stories and names for his animals, so he is in love with his new blue bunny.  Just wish I knew tricks for getting both of them to smile and look at the camera at the same time!! Anyone have any tips?!
enjoying_their_Easter_baskets_and_clothes (6)
See, one is smiling and saying cheese, and the other is getting ready to yell out cheese and shake their head! Haha. I’ll try to work on them so that come Easter day I’ll have some really good ones to show off to you guys.
enjoying_their_Easter_baskets_and_clothes (11)
I am so glad we got the chance to head to Kmart and shop for Easter goodies and baskets. It made my kids’ day, really.   I was so impressed by all of the choice Kmart had for Easter baskets, and Easter décor for your home. If you want to see more of our shopping trip to see what other kinds of goodies they have right now, just head to our Google+ #KmartEaster album.

Kmart has great deals and specials going all the time, and one great way to find out about them is to follow Kmart on Twitter, or like Kmart on Facebook.  You can also check out the Shop Your Way Rewards Program on Twitter too

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias  All ideas and opinions are honest and my own.


April Decheine said...

Yea, looks like your little ones had a great time picking out their Easter Basket and cute little outfits!

Wendy (The Local Cook) said...

looks like a super fun shopping trip!

Christy Gossett said...

Your kids are adorable! Those Easter baskets turned out awesome and you snagged some really great deals!

Jennifer Curtis said...

Aww, thanks ladies!

Tonia L said...

Your kids are adorable! I was impressed by Kmart's selection too!

Theresa said...

Nice Easter baskets! I love that little book in your son's basket. How fun! Visiting from #SF & @

Courtney Velasquez said...

AWESOME baskets!!!!

Ginger said...

What cute kiddos! Looks like they LOVED their baskets. :)

Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] said...

So cute! I love the faces they made when picking out their baskets! You can definitely tell how excited they were! :)