Friday, April 6, 2012

I have a case of the SADS, because of my hair…

And yes, before you say anything, I already know how lame I am being.  
I have been wanting to do a dark ombre on my hair for months and months now. And the past week or so I finally decided I was really going to do. I was going to spend the money and go get it done. Only a bunch of places I called kept telling me it would be weeks until I could get in. And some didn’t even get back to me. So I started feeling anxious, and desperate. My mom came by yesterday and picked up both kids to watch them. I didn’t know if I would be able to have the time to do my hair next week, and SNAP is fast approaching.  I really wanted it done before I left for my trip and had to see a ton of gorgeous crafty ladies that were for sure going to all have gorgeous hair.

So being desperate, I went to a local cosmetology school. I know, I know. BIG MISTAKE. HUGE.  I went in, showed them pictures of what I wanted. Was assured by the student and instructor that they knew how to do the ombre effect I wanted. I asked multiple times, “Are you sure?”  I questioned them when the foils were going on, asking if they were sure this was how to do it.  I got told by the instructor, that yes this was exactly how it was done. When I was all done I looked in the mirror, and it was exactly what I feared. It was NOT the ombre look. It just looked like hideous, out grown peekaboo highlights. There was no gradual fading from dark to light color in my hair. Just some very blonde and orangey looking highlights that started 4 inches down from my roots.
This is the look I was going for
And this is what I got
bad highlights
And normally I would just be like, “whatever, it’s hair. It will grow out.” And I would go buy a box of black or nearly black hair color from Walgreens, and cover that shiz up.  But for some reason, be it the weird moon, or hormones, or my body just needing a good cry, whatever it is I don’t know… I am just feeling very defeated right now.  Like everyone I know gets to have good hair and I don’t.  Stupid, I know.  Because I know people who don’t have any hair at all, and I should be grateful that the only thing that messed up my day yesterday was getting a bad dye job.  I don’t know why I am getting this upset about my hair, but I thought that maybe if I wrote about my dumb mistake, and yucky hair, that I could finally stop crying about it and get over feeling depressed and stressed out. 

I literally caused myself to stress about my hair so much that every time I think about how much I don’t like it, my neck tenses up and starts hurting like I was in a car accident.  And I have never been the girl who cries over her bad hair, or gets this depressed about something like this, so maybe something else is going with me and the hair was just the final straw… Anyways, I wrote about it, I am giving myself a reality check, and I made an appointment to try to get it fixed on Saturday. 

My fingers are crossed they can do something for me.  Otherwise, I might need you all to give me a reality check and tell me to get over myself.  But if you just happen to want to leave me some sweet comments or any of your own hair horror stories in the comment section, I promise I will be ever so thankful.


Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Oh, how frustrating-I'm sorry! But don't worry about everyone having awesome hair there-mine's just regular, plus I'll totally still talk to you ;)

Michell @ Girl In Air said...

Oh that stinks! BUT it doesn't look bad at all.....

I was a blond for 4 years....I still remember the first time I did it...I went to a 'fancy' place and it cost me over $100!! AND I hated it!! I thought it looked more grey than blond...over time it got blonder and blonder and I began to LOVE it!

It's very tough to get dark hair to go I've heard

During my 4 yrs of blondness...I went to many hair colleges to save a buck...well lots of bucks! $35 instead of $135 is a deal!!

Sometimes it was fab sometimes not....sometimes I cried sometimes I went and got a box to fix it....The best fix is toner!

Once I bought a box and someone switched the colors in the box and instead of blond I was pink!! I had to fly in a United uniform with PINK hair!!

Feel better my friend...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Steph @ The Silly Pearl said...

Hugs, Jennifer! I know what it's like to have a bad salon day. I could tell you lots of stories! It took me a while but I finally found a stylist I love.

Anyways, it's okay to be sad about it, even if it's not how you usually behave. Even though it wasn't at all what you wanted, it doesn't look bad. At all. Maybe you need to find a stylist who is also a crafter, who uses the word "ombre" in their everyday vocabulary! :o) Best of luck on Saturday!

Catherine said...

Oh Jennifer I so understand. At my age I've lost count of the hair disasters I've had. Each one was teary time. Hopefully this weekend will bring just what you want. If not, you are drop dead georgeous, try wearing your hair up. As far as the ladies you are thinking will have better hair, NAW. You will shine at your event and have a great time. Have fun!

Amy Anderson said...

Sometimes it's the little things that can throw me over the edge, so you shouldn't feel bad for feeling bad. Just remember it's going to get fixed and you'll be okay. You will look gorgeous for SNAP!

BTW, my last haircut before I left Georgia was the worst I've ever had. Then she chewed up the back of my neck with a dull razor, so it was all red and it hurt for three days. I wanted to cry! So I totally understand.

This will pass, I promise!! xo

Jennifer Curtis said...

Catherine- Thanks so much. You are just too kind to me. I finally got my hair fixed on Saturday and feel so much better. Even though it cost me an arm and a leg. Whew, I knew there was a reason I gave up getting my hair colored. ;) I hope you had a great Sunday!

Marilenn said...

Hi Jen! Glad to hear you're feeling better! I totally know the feeling and I hope that you're hair is exactly how you want it now :)

On a side note, I'm so jealous you're going to SNAP! That's going to be so awesome!! Maybe we can plan to go to ALT or another one next year and be roomies!

Samantha said...

Not a reality check but here's a post I did a while back which will cheer you up...