Thursday, April 26, 2012

Snap Swag and Sponsors

I think this is my last post on SNAP….I think. I haven’t ever gone to a conference before, so I had no idea that there would even be swag. Let alone a whole entire bag full of it!  We got a stencil from Royal Design Studio, a frame from Poppy Seed Projects, stationary from The Green Kangaroo, spools of thread from Pick Your Plum, a sticker maker from Xyron, fabric from Riley Blake, scrap book paper from American Crafts, ribbon from the Ribbon Retreat, and sooo many other items were in our bags. (A full list of sponsors can be found on the SNAP site.)
And since I had never been to a conference, and there are all kinds of new airline fees for bags, I only had a small carry-on and my Jo Totes bag with me for the conference. I didn’t know how I was going to shove all the swag into my small bag. I would either have to ship it, or by another bag and check one of them.  Which is what I ended up doing.  I bought another carry-on size bag at Walmart, and shoved all of my swag into, plus a few of my clothes. That second bag was much needed too, because when I got done packing, both bags were full to the brim!  I now know that next time I am going to bring a big bag to check, a carry-on and a purse. Lesson learned!
And one of my favorite things that I received when I was at SNAP, was this pretty necklace from Amy Cornwell
The necklace is stamped with the words, “JUST BE YOU”, the theme for the SNAP Conference. 
It was a perfect reminder while we were there, to be confident about who we are, what we do, and to not try to be anyone else. Thank you Amy, for the necklace and the reminder.
The sponsors for SNAP were just amazing, and I swear, we had some amazing food and desserts because of them.
The first night’s dinner was delicious! And dessert was brought to us by Velata, Scentsy’s new line of chocolate warmers.
I loved the Caramel Mix and the Dark Chocolate. I am all about the chocolate dipped strawberries! And definitely need to order one of the chocolate warmers. Who doesn’t like chocolate fondue?
The rest of the time I forgot to take pictures of the awesome dinners and lunches before I started eating them, because they were just so yummy.
The yummy fajitas we got to eat were gone in no time, and I had to snag a picture of my friend Kellie’s plate. :) But seriously, we ate so good that weekend. It was awesome.

I know I keep gushing about SNAP, and I promise, it will stop soon! But I had to thank all of the amazing sponsors for everything they provided, and how nice they were to talk to and meet. Thank you guys so much!


Margo said...

The food was awesome! I came back home not wanting to cook. Wish we could do the weekend over again... oh we can next year! Snap 2013!

kasey said...

I am jealous big time! I think the Just be you necklace is my fave.

I am happy for you that you had so much fun at the conference (That you can't stop blogging about it) you deserve a fun time to your self.

Jennifer, I can't believe that you happen to live so close to me! I mean the craft blog world is so big... I just think it's kinda cool. I a nerd I know.

Chrissy said...

Wow, awesome! Love the necklace!
I loved reading all your posts about SNAP! Maegan from Chesterrific is one of my absolute bloggy besties, so this was definitely fun to read! Thanks so much for sharing!
Happy weekend - new follower! xxx