Thursday, April 26, 2012

Snappy Business Cards, get it? Snap-py?

Okay, one thing I wish I would have done before I left for Snap, was to order some business cards that matched my current blog design. I loved my mini MOO Cards, but I had ordered them months ago, when they were a free Klout Perk. Yes, they were free, I only paid $5 for shipping. Nice, right? I ordered my cards without even planning on updating or changing my blog anytime soon, but you know how it is when you’re a DIY-er at heart. You just can’t leave things alone.  So one day I decided I wanted to stretch the width of my blog, but that messed with my blog header, which caused me to make a new one, and update my blog button and colors, etc, etc, etc….But I forgot all about my business cards. The cards that I would be passing out at SNAP!  

Well it was too late to design and order new ones, so I took my mini MOO cards with me anyway, and just planned on designing and ordering new cards when I got home. Even though I didn’t have matching business cards, or totally rockin’ ones, other ladies at SNAP did! And I am going to show you some that I thought were pretty awesome.
Kami’s cards, from No Biggie, folded and opened up to a sweet little peppermint candy, and beneath her picture it said, “we were ‘mint’ to meet”. How cute is that?
I met Kirsten from the The Crafting Chicks in line while registering for Snap. She is so sweet and kind, and I would have never imagined her a mom of 4 kids! Cause that girl looks good y’all!
I loved Sara’s (from Mom Endeavors) cards, the cute pictures on the front, the info on the back, and the awesome QR code.
Amy from Mod Podge Rocks, had a reader send her a cute illustration of her, and she turned it into the back of one of her cards. So cute! And I loved this cute card from Earth Cookie Creations. The design, the colors, the font. I love everything about it.
My friend Maegan from I love Chesterrific, has the cutest dinosaur design, and all her info on the back. I love how cute it is. And my boy loves dinosaurs too!
Okay, now here is something I thought was so awesome. Laura from Pink Cake Plate, passed out handmade suckers with her cards, and she had a cute scratch and sniff sticker on her card that completely goes with her design! I loved her idea.
I loved Patty’s card design, from My Craft Spotlight. The Keep Calm trend, and the simple black and white design made it a hit with me.
Okay, and Shari from Soren Lorensen Design, should get an award for having the cutest photo on the front of her cards. Look at that little girl, her face, her clothes, the background! It’s just gorgeous, and I loved it so much. 

So now that you’ve seen some of the business cards from all the gals that came to Snap are you just dying to make some of your own?  I know I am, and there are literally a ton of ideas going through my head. When I finally come up with a design I will come back here and post it for you guys to see, and hopefully you’ll give me some feedback.   I am already debating whether or not I should put a QR code on my card, what do you guys think?  Should I go all modern on you, or not?


Brenda and James Fisher said...

I was in the same boat, although worse! I didn't even think about bringing cards with me! This was my first blogging conference so I had no idea what to expect. I was late to the Friday morning session because I was at Kinkos picking up the cards they had printed over night! Too funny.
Love the blog and loved chatting with you during dinner at Snap! If I'm ever around Fresno, I'm looking you up girl!

Patty @ My Craft Spotlight said...

Thanks Jennifer for featuring my card. Believe or not, I designed it just one night before the conference! I had to run to the store really quick to buy the template, otherwise, I would have gone to SNAP without any cards! But I am glad I got to meet you and your card is great too!

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Oh, I didn't realize that was a scratch-n-sniff sticker! I will be smelling it when I get home from work. lol!!

Pink Cake Plate said...

Jennifer! You are sooooo sweet to feature my business card!!! I loved chatting with you!!! You are a doll!!! Can't wait to "hang" with you again soon!

Maegan said...

You are too sweet to include my card, no way! thank you! I am always blown away at how cute everyone elses are, such crafty peeps!

(mine were the klout perk too!)

Andrea said...

HI There Cutie Pie!!!! Thanks SO much for stopping by and saying Howdy! It was so fun to meet you, and I am loving your SNAP recaps! Hope you are coming again next year, lets keep in touch!!!
Big Hugs!!!

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust said...

Hi Jennifer, I loved your cards . . . and you! And I'm so glad I got one because I think you visited my blog, but when I clicked on your comment - it took me to the new google thingy & I was too dumb to find your blog from there! DUH! I enjoyed meeting you at SNAP. Your blog looks fantastic.

Warmly, Michelle