Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sweetest Bags EVER!

Okay, so this post is gonna be all about my friend Kellie from Nest of Posies. She doesn’t know I am writing it though, I wanted to surprise her. :)
She is literally the sweetest woman. And her voice is like that of a sassy southern belle. I first “met” Kellie on twitter. I think I had followed her because of a giveaway I entered, and she was “crafty”, and her site was gorgeous. So I started out just by following her on twitter. But not in that super creepy stalker way, not yet anyway. 
One night she was tweeting about something, maybe asking a question, and I told her about my favorite go to place to find the answers to all my questions, the Crafterminds site. And I told her about a group I was in on Facebook. She said she’d like to be added to the group, even though that meant making me her “friend” on Facebook first.  (I told her she could delete me after joining the group, but lucky for me she didn’t.) 
After that, I volunteered to write a little post about her Nest of Posies shop and her posie pins she makes.  They’re adorable, and come in every color you can think of!  I kept chatting with Kellie, visiting her blog, checking out her favorite Instagram pics, and a friendship was born.
I was so excited that I was going to get to meet her at SNAP. Not only because we’ve been chatting and talking for the past several months, but because Kellie is so nice, so creative, and so darn amazing, that anyone would be happy to be her friend. 
And also, you guys should know that Kellie makes bags, awesome embroidered bags, that you can have customized with your blog name, initials, little saying, and in cute colors. I was amazed at all the Nest of Posie bags I saw at SNAP. Almost every where you turned there would be a cute blogger holding one.  And not only was I amazed at how many gals had a Nest of Posies bag, I was JEALOUS! I wanted a cute bag with my blog name on it, and fun posies too!
It wasn’t until the second night when Kellie and her cousin Maegan had come to hang out in our hotel room, that Kellie gave me the biggest surprise I’ve had in a while. She had made one of her gorgeous bags for me, and kept it a secret! 
nest of posies bag
I was so surprised, and honored to get one of her bags! And lame-o me, didn’t even notice the bag sitting next to me because I was rambling on about the free swag, and trying to find a way to get it home, haha.  But it was just one of the highlights of my trip, and because Kellie is so amazing I knew immediately that I wanted to share all about her in a post with you guys.  Plus, she gave me another new friend during SNAP, her cousin Maegan! Who is awesome just like Kellie, and so funny!  Plus Maegan’s a California girl, which means that we are going to have to get Kellie out here to visit both of us!!

I hope you guys will go check out Kellie’s blog and shop, and see all the inspiring things she makes and posts. It will be well worth it for sure!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bag you guys! And I just hope Kellie knows how much I love her as well!


nest of posies said...

Ohmygoodness gracious!!!!

You are too kind! So sweet, Jennifer! I'm flattered beyond words!

Love you lots!

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

What a sweet post!! I ♥ Kellie to pieces. She is adorable! Now I'm jealous of YOU, Jennifer, for having a posie bag! :)

Brenda and James Fisher said...

Loved this post and loved that bag at Snap! Great job!

Brandi said...

Such a sweet post! So glad you had such a nice time at the conference. Kellie is so kind to make you a bag.