Saturday, May 12, 2012

My morning routine just got a whole lost easier #ClearBeauty #spon

Hey guys, so I will tell you right off that mornings around here sometimes suck. And it’s not because of my kids or lack of sleep, it’s because I wake up feeling awful and sick a lot. I usually wake up with a stuffy nose, then 5 minutes later it’s running like crazy, and I spend the first 30 minutes of my day blowing my nose almost non-stop. And not long after that, I am dealing with itchy and watery eyes. My dreaded mornings are caused by my allergies. They plague me constantly during the spring, summer, and fall.  But this year I was way more than willing to try something to help me combat them.  I decided to join up with the Allegra #ClearBeauty campaign.
morning beauty routine with Allegra's help (3)
I bought some Allegra at  a nearby CVS Phramacy so I could try it, hoping it would give me some relief.
shopping at CVS for Allegra and Spring Beauty products (24)
I chose the 24 hour kind, and took it in the evening, thinking that if it worked I would feel much better when I woke up.  And it really did work, at least for me.  I woke up the next morning without feeling all stuffed up, didn’t blow my nose, and it wasn’t till later in the afternoon that I didn’t have my usual sore throat either. I felt so much better not waking up and having to blow my nose constantly. 
And I know that when I feel better, I want to look better too. I even got myself all done up, just because I could. :)  I wanted to try out all of my new cosmetics that I bought when I was at CVS getting the Allegra. 
shopping at CVS for Allegra and Spring Beauty Products
With Spring almost over and Summer coming, I wanted to get a few things to put me in a summery mood. ;)  I love the Physicians Formula line of cosmetics, and this past week they were all on sale, $5.00 off of each and every one of their items. It was my lucky day. I also picked up some coral pink nail polish, and a tinted lip balm from Burt’s Bees. (No lipstick for me, I’m waiting on my friend Kellie to give me some tips and a tutorial on picking the right kind, and putting it on. I’m a lipstick virgin y’all.)  You can see a ton more photos of my shopping trip on my Google+ album.
morning beauty routine with Allegra's help (4)
So I started off my morning feeling good, and with a clean face. I always pull my hair back before starting my makeup…
morning beauty routine with Allegra's help (6)morning beauty routine with Allegra's help (9)morning beauty routine with Allegra's help (10)morning beauty routine with Allegra's help (12)
I finished off my makeup and let my hair down, happy I loved my new cosmetics, and that my morning routine went so much easier. I could actually get ready right away, and not have to wait an hour or so before I went through my routine. I never like putting on makeup if I’m just going to be wiping it away every time I blow my nose, or have to rub my itchy eyes.
morning beauty routine with Allegra's help (15)
After I finished off my makeup, and painted my toes, and my little girls toes too. Had to let them dry before we did the lotion though, hehehe.
morning beauty routine with Allegra's help (1)

I loved shopping at CVS, not just because they carry great beauty products, but because of the great deals they have. With the CVS card you can get all kinds of deals, or earn extrabucks. And during the month of May you can get a 30 count of Allegra for only $17.99 with your CVS card.  Get yourself ready for Spring, Summer, or Fall with all the great products you can find at CVS.

You can check out Allegra on Twitter or Facebook, and hopefully get started on your own path to #ClearBeauty.  And you can participate in the Allegra Allergy Makeover Game and try to win a $50 CVS gift card, definitely worth trying for (Think of all the makeup you could buy ;) )

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janice15 said...

Sounds like you got the thing to take for your allergies that's great I used to get it bad when I was younger and sinus and two of my children get it sinus still bother me on occasions but not to often...glad you woke up feeling better...Happy Mother's Day....with love Janice

kasey said...

Wow you look beautiful in that picture! I love the matching tootsies

Carrie said...

Oh those teeny toes are so cute. I loved trying Allegra and the beauty products at CVS, too!

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

I love the feet pic! Too cute! And you're looking good, my friend! :)