Friday, October 26, 2012

Rian’s Room Makeover… Second time around and I need your help

I’ve been working on a few project this month. Seriously, the change in the weather put me into DIY mode and I’ve been banging out projects… Projects like this gir'l’s room
This is what her room was looking like…Rian's room with light decor
And in this month I got the bug to paint her room and bring in all new d├ęcor now that she’s in her “big girl bed”.
I went with a dark gray that I mixed up myself. I had to do something with all my oops paint and left over colors, right? 

We added a new LANE Recliner chair that we got from TJMaxx, switched her crib out with the twin bed from Levi’s room, and I purchased new bedding from Target.

The whole room isn’t done yet, but I’ve been working on projects here and there and sharing them on Instagram. And even asking for your opinions and to vote on them. Like this mirror that I painted last night…  I bought it from Target and new I was going to paint it. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with Gold or with White.
photo (4)
So I asked for people to throw in their votes, and the answer was GOLD. About 30 minutes later I had it painted and hung up in her room…
But I’m definitely not done with her room, and would love your help or ideas. The next project I am working on is her lamp.
photo (5)
I need a shade for it, or need to make one. I don’t know if I should leave the lamp the dark oil rubbed bronze color it is right now or if I should paint it, or maybe just add a little gold rub n buff to it in some places so that it looks similar to the bird knobs on her dresser that I got from World Market
So what do you think? Should I paint the lamp? Just add the gold rub n' buff to it? And what about the lamp shade? Any suggestions for color or design?
Help me decide. You can leave any suggestions in the comments below, or share them with me on my Facebook page, or Twitter, or Instagram.  I would love it if you gave your vote on Instagram before I finished with the projects and you’d get to see the process as I go along too. My user name on Instagram is @alwaysnwonder. 
Thanks friends!


Liz said...

I would keep with the gold theme to match the mirror and the bird knobs.