Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stepping out of the Mommy Uniform #dressfortheday and #WIWW

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Sometimes being a work at home mom and a blogger means I don’t often leave the house during the week. Unless I need to run some errands or have appointments for myself or the kids, I’m usually at home in pj’s or sweats, or some other kind of loungewear. And my kids are often running around with no pants on because they think being a naturalists is a cool thing.  Yeah, even when it’s freezing inside the house they strip their pants and shirts off and fling them across the couch, and I’m left to wonder why they aren’t covered in goose bumps. 

This past week I think I did pretty good dressing in some cute and stylish outfits, and I shared them on Instagram with you guys. I’ve been feeling like I want to dress up more, get out of the work at home, mommy, blogger uniform. I want to be ready to be able to leave the house whenever, to run errands, or take the kids to the park, or meet up for lunch with a friend…

And that’s why when I came across Abby’s blog Dear Abby Leigh, and her #dressfortheday posts, I knew I wanted to link up.  Her motto is “DRESS FOR THE DAY YOU WANT TO HAVE… NOT THE ONE THAT’S TRYING TO HAVE YOU.”
  • 3/4 sleeve gray sweater from Target (a last year’s Black Friday Find and on clearance) $11.98
  • Black Butter Slim Leg Jean from Avenue on sale for $39.99 (love them!)
  • Brown Olivia Three Buckle Riding Boots from Avenue on sale for $56.99, but right now they’re on sale for $44.40!
  • mess in the background behind me (completely free and able to replicate if you have 2 crazy toddlers)
I just fell in love with the idea that I could dress for the day I wanted to have, and not just wait to get dressed when there is something to do or somewhere to go.  Sometimes I want to dress up or wear jewelry but then I think, “eh, I don’t really have anywhere to go so I’ll just stay in the sweats I’ve got on.”  But why shouldn’t I dress up for me if I wanted to? Why shouldn't I dress my best if that’s how I feel that day?
There’s never once been a day where I have regretted dressing in clothes that made me feel cute or stylish, but I have had plenty of days where I regretted staying in my pj’s and not getting out and doing anything because I wasn't ready/dressed.  Anyone agree with me?  If so, get your self dressed and link up, check out Dear Abby Leigh and The Pleated Poppy, two great link up party to show off what you're wearing for the week!

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the Blah Blah Blahger said...

I LOVE that sweater! Such cute detailing!!!

Leelee said...

Love those boots

Abby said...

YES girl. Jump on the dress for the day train, and I know you're never going to want to get off. I'm so glad you are finding some oomph and inspiration in my motto. Keep it up! I think you look fabulous!

Tara said...

I love both sweaters! I'm either blogging or running to one of two schools, speech class for my youngest, etc etc & I'm always in jeans & looking frumpy. Ugh, I need a makeover!

Lindsey A. Turner said...

cute outfit! Love the boots!

Lindsey Turner

Lindsay said...

Oh I love that idea! Love both outfits but those green skinnies are so fun!

Dominique Burleson said...

Loving your outlook! I am trying to do the same as a SAHM!

Love that sweater too!

Would love for you to come and link this post up at my Mommy & Me Stylin' Mondays Linky!