Friday, February 1, 2013

Took a break (had a case of SADS), but now I’m back

Sorry I left you guys with no warning, no goodbye. It seems like every winter, mostly in January I get a case of SADS. Maybe you call them the winter blues?  But yep, every winter I get a little depressed, feel like holing up in our house and never leaving. This year was no exception.  Right around the first week in December my Grandma had a stroke, and for a little while I just focused on her and work and the kids.  She got better, and I kept focusing on work, and the kids, but kind of up and left my blog all alone, much like miners who deserted boom towns… you might have seen tumbleweeds blowing around and saloon doors swinging in the breeze…

But I’m done with my break, and my little bought of feeling depressed, and I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much.  I’m going to start back posting regularly and filling you in on what’s happening in my little corner of the world. 

Oh, and I’ve decided to start exercising (yes, again). I have a love hate relationship with exercise… mostly I hate it. But no pain no gain, right? Or in my case, no pain no loss!

park day

So today I pepped talked myself into leaving the house wearing yoga pants, running shoes, and a hoodie and took the kids to the park, and then walked a nearby trail for 2 miles.

Park day (2)

The first mile I was thinking, “Yeah, you can do this! You rock. Keep it up missy.”  The second mile I was thinking, “Ugh, where the frack is the car.” And “Why did you walk so far in the first place?”  But I did it. 2 miles. Once that wouldn’t have been such a big accomplishment, but now it means a lot. A lot of work and talking myself into maintaining my goals and working hard are going to be needed to keep up any kind of exercise regimen.   I just hope I can keep talking myself into daily walks, and eventually jogs, then runs. 

While I keep talking myself into daily exercise, do you guys have any favorite tips, or apps to help me?  How do you stay motivated to work out?  Anyone got a favorite workout program?  If you feel like sharing you can email me (alwaysinwonder at gmail dot com) , or share with me on Twitter or Facebook


janice15 said...

Keep walking the more you do it the more you will like it and get motivated. I used to walk every other day and loved it then got sick and the last three years have been trying to get motivated myself..I got sick with panic disorder and hate it..but you keep pushing like im telling myself..long distant walking is the best for you. jogging is hard on your body. Good luck with love Janice

Catherine said...

I'm getting ready for transplant surgery. On top of feeling pretty yucky I'm supposed to be gettting regular exercise, UGH. It's been a huge challenge but I found a trick that helps. I'm very competative even with myself. I started wearing a pedometer and low and behold it's working. I started out with only about 6,000 steps and now I'm up to almost 9,000.