Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saying goodbye to a SECOND couch and loveseat

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So our living room is once again without furniture. A few months ago I repainted our living room, and picked out a new couch and loveseat from JCPenney’s Home Store. (SEE ABOVE PIC)

I don’t think I even showed you guys what we got. Which is best, because today we had to say goodbye to them.  We had them for a week or so before we noticed a BIG problem with them. They were recliners, which was awesome let me tell you, but when the foot part was up, if you leaned forward just a little bit then the whole couch started to tip over. Can we say SAFETY HAZARD?  Especially with having two little kids.

So I called up the 1-800 number JCPenney’s gave us in case there were any problems, and let them know the issue we were having. Two weeks later a technician came out and said that there was definitely a problem with the way the loveseat and sofa was made, a design flaw is what he called it, and he told us he would put in his assessment and we should call and let them know we wanted to return them.  Well they called me the very next day. Fast call back time, major points for them. Unfortunately this is pretty much the only points they’re getting right now.  They scheduled a pick up a week after they called me, and today just happened to be that day.  So now our living room is without any seating, besides Justin’s recliner that we ordered from La-Z Boy a few months ago also.  JCPenney’s told us it would take 7-10 days before they refund us our money, and unfortunately we can’t go shopping for a new couch or loveseat until we get our refund.   

We thought about ordering the same model of couch and loveseat we just had returned, but the “power recliner” models instead, thinking the extra weight would help keep them grounded, but there is no way to try them out because they don’t keep them in store anymore. Which means we wouldn’t know if the power recliners have the same issue as the regular reclining models. (And I bet you’re wondering why we didn’t notice the issue in store when we ordered to begin with, right?  That’s because in store when we ordered they only had a sectional model available, and it being a sectional actually helped anchor it to the ground instead of having it tip over.  And it also seemed to be built a lot sturdier than what was delivered to our home.) 

Did I mention that in just 2 weeks (May 9th!!)  Justin will be getting his hip replacement surgery done?  Which means there is little to no time for us to get our refund from JCPenney’s, look for another couch, and hope like hell they have them in stock so we can have somewhere to sit when we get back from his surgery taking place down south.  At this point I am a lot stressed out about it, and not sure what we’re going to do. But I am trying to look on the bright side, which is we got rid of the safety hazards and we’ll get a refund to get something else. 

Anyone else have a bad experience with furniture shopping?  Or maybe suggestions for great, comfortable couches?  I can’t tell you what a pain it was to shop for and finally find couches we both liked. I am not looking forward to doing the experience all over again…


meagain2 said...

if you have an ashley furniture store close to you i would highly recomend furniture from them they have great furniture and awesome warranties good luck i know how frustrating this can be

Nic said...

I agree Ashley Furniture is great and very comfy. They have a big selection and great colors.

Good luck!

Jennifer Curtis said...

Thanks Meagain2. I will check them out!

Jennifer Curtis said...

Nic,yeah, I'll definitely head there to look! Thanks for the suggestions.