Sunday, November 24, 2013

What I’m Wearing–Lucie Lu Boutique

Sometimes I get a little impulse to show you guys pictures that include me in them. It’s rare, but since losing 60 lbs. this year I am actually less shy about showing myself in photos. You can mostly see these pictures on my Instagram feed, since they’re pretty spur of the moment shots, but this time, I got a photographer friend to take some photos of me so I can show off my weight loss, and this stylish fall outfit I’ve been wearing a lot this month. Thanks Anna!

Lucie Lu Fall top

I found a top that I just absolutely love wearing. One that makes me feel stylish, yet comfortable and savvy at the same time. One that goes perfectly with a pair of dark skinny jeans, and looks great with boots. This is just one of those special pieces of clothing that every gal probably has at least one of in their closet. 

Lucie Lu fall top back of shirt

And the back, I’m in love with the lace detail on the back. Aren’t you? So classic and feminine. You can’t go wrong with pairing a little lace and denim together, right?

Lucie Lu Fall top front

This top is one of my favorite pieces from the Lucie Lu boutique. It’s a plus size boutique that makes unique and stylish pieces you will absolutely love.  Lucie Lu offers dresses, blouses, knit tops, leggings and more. And right now they’re even having a clearance sale where you can find things up to 80% off.

Some of my other favorites from Lucie Lu are:
This Nova Cardi
This Ember Sweater
This Fallon Lace Top-Mocha

If you’re looking for stylish and pretty pieces to dress up your holiday or winter wardrobe be sure to head over to Lucie Lu and start shopping.  You can also follow Lucie Lu on Facebook so you’ll never miss an update from them!


Jassica Mody said...

you look so stylish , i love your pretty tastes always, my blog at International Decor

Tara Kramarsky said...

Love that top! You look so good! I am very proud of you, my friend!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

{whistle, whistle} Who's that HOT MAMA? Ohh.. ya know-- just some smoking Curtis lady! That is Right..holy hell- LOVE that top, your hair, are banging lady! Banging is a good thing my darlin' love love love you! So proud of YOU! Way to rock it!

Holly Lefevre (504 Main) said...

You look amazing.....losing weight is so hard and this is a big accomplishment! And super cute top of course!

Heidi @ Happiness is Homemade said...

You look so fabulous! SO proud of all your hard work, and that top looks amazing on you! :)

Alyson McMahon said...

You look amazing and SO pretty. I love that outfit and LOVE the lace. How does their sizing run? I've always wanted to order from there, but have hesitated because of not knowing their sizing.
So proud of you, that's such a great accomplishment!

Natalia Lynn said...

You look amazing! And you're such an inspiration! This top is so cute, love the lace detail and the front. You're adorable!

Run To Radiance said...

Congrats on your weight loss! You look great- I love that shirt and your hair is beautiful! :)