21 Answers to questions you’ve always wondered about

Most people want answers to questions that they wonder about all the time. Our lives are consumed with questions. That’s why people go to school, research, study, and go on quest, fulfill desires or because they are curious.

Listed below are the 21 answers to questions that you’ve always wondered about?

1) Why is Picasso considered to one of the greatest artist?

When he painted- he turned subjects into elements and abstracts.

2) Do you think it is our responsibility to love and help the less fortunate?

Some people think that it is love to give to anyone that is poor or less fortunate by giving them money, helping them with a problem, or being a shoulder to lean on. Many of these people feel blessed, and that’s why they lend a helping hand to others.

3) If your blood is red, why do your veins look blue?

Experts say that there is a different wavelength, which hits your arm, and produce a blue color, which is absorbed by the blood.

4) Why do doctors say that some people die of natural causes?

This is determined when a doctor agrees that it’s not worth determining a cause that does not exist. The actual cause is often heart failure or strokes, which are sudden, and this cause many deaths.

5) In grammar, It’s or Its can be tricky, so how should they be used?

While its is a possessive form of it, the word it’s is a contraction of it or it has. If a sentence does not make sense with using is or has, then you should remove the apostrophe.

Example: Correct: It’s hard to tell if it’s going to snow.
Incorrect: The sheep lead it’s self across the field.

6) How do you use Affect or Effect?

The question of affect and effect is common. The meaning of affect means- to produce an effect- and effect means, a change has happened- as a result of something.

7) Why do we have eyebrows?

Some people don’t understand why we have eyebrows, because we have to apply make up on them or sometimes pluck them. If you sweat, they catch the water from running into your eyes and they give individuals a distinctive look.

8) Why do hockey players fight?

In the game of hockey, most fights are consensual- and honor or to be macho. Most players who are not looking for a fight, will often get tossed around, and this will lead to a fight. Of course there are penalties, but the referees leave most of the situations alone, unless there are serious injuries. The referees are there for line calls, and not to control the behaviors of the hockey players.

9) Lie or Lay

These two words are often described based on two different meanings. The word lie means two things- lie in a position or when someone is not telling the truth.

10) Why do our fingers or feet wrinkle after a bath, swim or shower?

The reason is how our body react to gripping things underwater. The human body is amazing, and if you are underwater for a long time- your hands and feet are able to tread and grip. It’s fascinating.

11) Is being attractive the important way for sexual attraction?

Experts see people who are taller and have healthy hygiene and great looks, as sexy is most cases.

12) Is tomatoes a vegetable or a fruit?

Tomatoes is considered a fruit, since it contains the seeds of it’s plant. On the contrary, a Supreme Court ruling- has classified that tomatoes is a vegetable.

13) Why does onions make you cry?

When you cut an onion, it releases amino-acids, which has a compound that goes upward. This process cause your eyes to burn. There is sulfuric acid, that causes tears.

14) Why does bacon smell so good?

When bacon is being cooked, the odor resonates and linger into the air. The amino acids, which is the meaty part release an organic affect.

15) Why is the drinking age 21?

There was a law mandate in 1985, called the National Minimum Drinking Act of 1984, where states wanted 10% of their highway funding, which no one wanted- so this law became mandated.

16) Why do people take medicine?

People take medicine to deal with an onset of sickness or because they may have a disease.

17) Why do language call countries by name?

Experts say that language pre-date countries, where settlements joined together and create countries.

18) Why are there so many churches?

It’s perplexing that for centuries, there was a war of words and theology of spirit, unification and how our lives are shaped. It is a clash of Christians, Baptist, Methodist , Catholics, and other religions that have their opinions of how a higher power should worshiped.

19) Why do we cook?

We cook for nourishment and to be filled daily.

20) Whey do we wash our hair?

We wash our hair, because we sweat and we go out in the element.

21) Why are there palm trees in L.A?

Because they replaced pepper trees.

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