7 Things You’ve Always Wondered About

There are many things that people are often curious and always wondered about. To wonder is a feeling of something strange, surprising, or something that you may want to learn about. It sometimes questions when a person is in doubt, or wish to desire to know something.

Listed below are 7 things you’ve always wondered about:

* What happens to Wastewater?

Wastewater collection and treatment is usually handled by State, Local, and Federal standards. It goes through three stages of treatment: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. During this period, items like oil, solids- which has to be removed. It is then created to remove biological matter, and when the water is disinfected physically and chemically by a process called micro filtration. This happens prior to discharge into a river, lagoon, stream, or wetland- that can be used for irrigation at a park, golf course, or green area. It is clean at this point, and is used in agricultural environments. The wastewater is then  to remove- flow equalization, grit, grease, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other toxins.

To sum it up, wastewater is treated to remove toxins and then re-used in the environment, for agricultural uses by local, state and federal standards. To treat wastewater, they break it down through the use of microorganism, which became popular in the 19th century and it continues to advance with suitable technology, and treatment tanks.

* How do distillers make money, with whisky which has to age for years?

Many people wonder how distillers make a profit or start-up, if whisky has to age between 10 to 20 years. It depends on the types of whiskey that matter. High-end whiskey companies are rare and sold in tear-shaped crystal decanters, or other impressive decanters. Not all whiskeys must mature, but they should have a woodsy taste. In the south, with the warmer temperatures- if the whiskey is in wooden barrels- it ages faster than in cooler places.

Some companies deal with aging by blending with various ways where they pour, rather than distill. Some of them mix carefully selected pre-aged whiskey- which has been fermented and home made.

The alternate way to make money is to blend, pour, or carefully mix with the use of adding spices or liquor flavorings. You must also remember that it is illegal to modify bourbon, when it leaves the cask and enters the bottle, unless you just add purified water.

* How does coupons work?

Most people like to save or receive a discount when they make a purchase. First, it is important to understand that there are store coupons and manufactured coupons. Store coupons are issued from a store and must be used at the store. Manufactured coupons are issued from a place that can be used at any store. They are given to you to receive a discount for your next purchase. Make sure that you read the dates- to ensure that they are good through a specific date. Some coupons let you buy one and get one free, and some limit the amount of items to select. The most common coupons come in the Sunday’s newspaper, printing sites like- RedPlum.com, SmartSource.com, and Coupons.com, from magazines, and sometimes from an in-store display- where you can save. You should always read the fine print to avoid, expiration dates or limitations.

* I have always wondered why birds fly South?

Flock of White-faced Whistling ducks flying in ‘V’ formation

In areas that have cold winters, some common birds foods like insects or nectar- may not be available, so many fly to warmer climates to survive. Other birds hang around, because they eat seeds or the bark of a tree.

Scientist have studied some birds which migrate, certain times of the year, but the main reason they fly to warmer environments is for food supply. Experts believe that bird feeders may allow the migration process to stop and birds may stay around.

* Some people wonder whether or not their child has Autism

Many parents wonder if their child may have Autism, if they show signs of hearing background noises, repeat themselves, relay complex stories, or tune people out. Autism Spectrum diagnoses are up to 78% within 10 years, and some children are just- single minded, gifted or have a mild way of communicating according to experts. You should have the child tested, before you make an assumption on their behavior.

* I always wondered about how the Universe works

Observation with the Hubble Space Telescope and other scientific methods, show how the universe is expanding, and how our Galaxy components- which comprise with matter and energy works. It also will determine our quest for other places in the sky to live, how the stars work, life on the moon, and what will happen in the distant future. The universe is made up of- black holes, stars, the moon, planets, volcanoes, comets, asteroids, and the “Big Bang”- which continued to be studied.

* I always wondered why some people share blood

Many people require blood transfusions to live, and this is one of the major reasons that people share blood. There are three main reasons that are beneficial to donate blood- iron levels, blood flow, and long life.

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